The credibility of discord screenshots

(04-17-2019, 11:47 AM)Mira Delaire Wrote: I completely agree with what Konrad said. Also, there are multiple ways to prove whether or not the screen shot is 'faked'.

I do also agree with Konrad and yes there are ways to prove that but they all require the staff even wanting to hear you out and when the ban is issued not based on forum report you can comment on but rather something going on behind the scenes completely without the banned person's knowledge and their messages to staff are left without any response, the system feels a bit broken and not entirely just.
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Let's go back to the root of the problem:

If a person is harrasing you in any way ayy lmao call the police this has nothing to do with SBS. What ya'll don't get is the line between personal shit and SBS Hogwarts RP. 

Are the bans issued cuz we don't wanna any mingy shit on this server or is it because someone said a mean thing about you and your friends don't like that?

If someone is being disrespectful to you on the server holla ring the bell Rule 2 just catched another victim! But hey Discord is not SBS Hogwarts RP I don't see 10 golden rules on Discord.

Lets just ban people for what they did wrong in the game (or sbs discord) and leave it at that. Cuz now it's this happening:

- Person is having fun on the server does something wrong gets banned
- Person calls out staff member in pms directly or indirectly
- Person tries to Ban Appeal cuz he wants to come back to having fun on the server
- Person gets denied cuz he said mean words

Mingy people that are purposefully ruining the fun for others are bad sure but if 1 person has a problem with 1 staff member it shouldn't be whole staff team against that 1 guy just because your friend got hurt by something they said.

This server is moderated by people who can't take a joke so whatever ur trying to achieve with this post is gonna be irrelevant but for what its worth I agree completely. Memes should be accepted like Fae said Harrasement should not. But still! That is not a server issue thats a personal issue and should not be taken into account for something what they did on the server cuz its in pms. 

Listen. This might sound weird but some people get emotional and say things or are just dank memelords and have no boundaries I can't take this clusterfuck of tumblr using staff cucktarts that cannot take criticism. 

The only reason why you would not let someone come back on the server is cuz they are purposely trying to ruin the fun for others but thats not the case if he's just mad with 1 person then wtf man up and don't extend some fellas ban just because you can't take criticism. Ma man this whole forum is a rioting place where we can all gather up and pick a side while the real thing what happened wasn't even that bad. 

But ayy ya'll know my opinion isn't valid on this forum so I wasted my own time again yayeet  harryannoyed

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