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Zagan Verdelet

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Suggestion 1:
Automatically make players jump when they are in restraints. This will help avoid any resisting and make it easier for snatchers instead of them having to walk back to their snatch due to their snatch getting caught behind a wall or their snatch was resisting. It may also help reducing the amount of deaths from kidnapped students in restraints... When a student is a certain distance away from the snatcher and they jump they may sometimes fly upwards from a hill and take a significant amount of fall damage (Continuously jumping every so often may fix this).

Suggestion 2:
Make the Dragons better.
I am not suggestion to add all of these suggestions to the class but at least 1.
- Fix the Dragon's so players are not able to stand on them and stop the dragons from moving.
- Improve the amount of fire the dragons possess and how far the fire travels.
- Slightly Increased Health
- The ability to kill revealed snatchers outside of castle walls and not be restricted to killing in the QP, Forest and Lockdown.

Suggestion 3:
Change the Dragon (Prestige) Class and give the model back to VIP's.
The Hogwarts Horcrux has a 'dedicated' subtle theme to it, but the Prestige Dragon doesn't have anything to stand out from the VIP except for a slight different shade of green and a different yellow on the wings. Maybe making the Dragon; Purple, Blue and White to match the server logo. and maybe even adding the server logo on the backpack.
 This will make the dragon stand out more.
And allow regular VIP's the option to pick the original dragon model that is used for the prestige class or pick the current one.

Suggestion 4:
Allow Draco Malfoy (VIP Slytherin Prefect) to take part in Dark Forces.
In Half Blood Prince, Voldemort sent Draco on a somewhat suicide mission to kill Dumbledore in an attempt to punish Lucius for being... Lucius.
This makes it evident that Voldemort has a heavily influence over Draco and also considering his Dad is a Death Eater and his Aunt is Bellatrix it would make sense for him to be able to go to the Grave Yard at will and potentially even snatch students.
Draco was also the cause for the Vanishing Cabinet being in the school and allowing Death Eaters to walk in, so him being able to snatch a student doesn't seem out of character.
Maybe changing the class name to 'Snatcher Prefect' or equivalent and allowing Draco to be a snatcher on the server?

Suggestion 5:
Allow Sentinel Statues to attack with the sword while moving, as of now I am fairly certain that the player has to stand still to be able to use the sword.. Although the statue has increased health the combat abilities seem lacking..

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition? - 

Suggestion 1: 
Makes snatching easier and faster.

Suggestion 2:
I have had instances where I am versing another player at the pitch and I will be next to them and shoot them with fire and they will go down 20 or so damage, then while I'm waiting for my fire to recharge they have already healed them self up and casting spells at me..
The Dragon class can be frustrating at times and seems not as great as it can be. In the Quidditch Pitch if there are a handful of Dark Forces the dragon is screwed. The Fire takes too long to recharge and the distance of the fire does not travel far... If you want to kill a player as a dragon you have to stand next to them and aim at their feet and unload all the fire you possess. 
In Harry Potter Franchise dragons are feared and very powerful.. here is a quote from Goblet of Fire:
“There’s a way, Harry. Don’t be tempted to try a Stunning Spell – dragons are strong and too powerfully magical to be knocked out by a single Stunner. You need about half-a-dozen wizards at a time to overcome a dragon –” 
- Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Chapter 19 (The Hungarian Horntail)
This states that it takes 'Half-a-dozen' wizards to overcome a Dragon, not kill it...
As of now I feel as though the Dragon is completely underpowered and its only benefits are the rules regarding who it is able to kill..
Note: There have been instances during lockdown when I am a Dragon in the inner-courtyard and I am going through one of the doorways to leave and a Death Eater stands on me (getting me stuck) looks down and shoots me with Avada Kedavra.

Suggestion 3:
When you hit prestige 7 you earn the Dedicated themed Hogwarts Horcrux... But when you hit prestige 4 or 5 you get the old modelled Dragon that doesn't stand out and for players that are already VIP's this dragon class doesn't seem worth the prestige..
Suggestion 4:
Fits lore, adds some sugar, spice and everything nice to a VIP job that is fairly underplayed.
Suggestion 5:
Makes the statues more balanced with the other classes during lockdown in my opinion.

(4) What could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added? - 
Suggestion 1: Glitches, getting stuck on your snatch
Suggestion 2: Not sure
Suggestion 3: Not sure
Suggestion 4: Confusion? 
Suggestion 5: Not sure
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-1 for suggestion 1, right now cuffs are broken so you move slowly while snatched. If you make the person getting snatched automatically jump it's basically impossible to catch the snatcher, they block all shots that would hit the snatcher, and it also allows the snatcher to use carpe or something and have the snatch keep up with them.

+1 for suggestion 2, dragons suck

Neutral for suggestion 3, I don't think this is necessary but i wouldn't care if it was changed.

For suggestion 4 draco is allowed to enter the gym, but only with his parents, I don't think it would be a good idea to make him a snatcher

For suggestion 5, statues can only attack while walking, they can't Sprint. So basically they are useless, it's near impossible to actually kill someone unless they are standing still. I would +1 for statues to have a movement speed increase
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1)+1 just do it please we all hate people that say "I'm not resisting my hands are just off my keys."
2)only +1 for the fixing getting stuck. If you were to change anything more with dragons it can make them to broken as well as they are wild neutrals not allowed to pick a side so them fighting outside the forest would mean they'd attack everyone outside the forest.
3)Neutral, this isn't much an issue being as it's just an extra slot for people that want to put effort into it.
4)Neutral to +1 if I'm mistaken, Draco already can but only in the case that he is with and/or guided by Lucius. From what I've seen if with Lucius Draco is allowed in the GY for some time but never seen them just hang about as other death eaters. If they can RP something that isn't breaking rules more than such it should be fine.
5)-1 to change that job would be to change all customs with a sword and the sword itself unless they make a new one. The sword is already extremely strong and doesn't need to be changed.
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