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(1) What is your In-game name & Steam ID? - STEAM_0:0:156111154

(1a) Have you read through the Common Suggestions and Answers post? - yup

(2) What is your suggestion? - its hard to desctibe but ill try,when the dragon kills someone let the person who plays as the dragon get the kill 

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition? - dragons are killing people without getting the kill,and if u are a dragon and u killed someone without getting the kill u dont feel like u did something tbh

(4) What could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added? - nothing
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It's a fire swep. I believe that is why it "kills" in such a way and the player doesn't get the kill. Overall it would be coding that the guy would likely need to do.

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if its possible to code, +1
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I'd be more for showing in the kill feed rather than just saying "point fire".

Nevertheless if this is easy then sure +1
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This was suggested ages ago and I think it was Odin who explained why it was impossible to make this happen, can’t remember why... but +1 if it’s easy to do

For someone who plays as a dragon a lot, this is something I've always wanted to happen so if like Jacob said, if it's easy to make this possible then +1
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typically there would be something else here like a quote or something but this is pretty much all I've got.
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This is just a bug. Whether possible or not, I'll mention it to Guy. 

Suggestion accepted.
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