Ban Appeal

Definitely -1

Hello! tbh i see no reason why you should be unbanned and i am trying very hard to find one. You should know the rules from the first time you joined, you were very disrespectful, you RDMed staff and disrespected Lila. Like others have said i would have permabanned you as well. In this ban appeal you are not apologetic at all, just very rude and have clearly shown that you have not learnt your lesson.

Now, i want an answer to this question, a legit answer, that means not a rude and dumb one...

Why should we unban you?

(You can reply in another response or edit your ban appeal for this question.)
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Terrible attitude, Not apologetic whatsoever.

Sorry, but -1.
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You have a poor attitude in this appeal and left out key ingredients to why you were banned. That's a hard -1
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After reading the community feedback and re-reading your appeal, I will be denying this ban appeal. 

You do not seem apologetic and you seem to refuse to realize that what you did was wrong.

So for now;

Ban Appeal Denied

Lock please: @David Elios-EElsord @Astro Brooks-Nova @Jacob Williams @Albert Sterling @Garrus Vakarian
Lila LeFay-Aeternalis
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Appeal Denied by Lila.

You may re-appeal one week from today.

Thread Locked.
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