Steam mocked me for roleplaying as a wizard

A whole month of my life on Gmod. I've only ever played on SBS Hogwarts and SBS Halo Wars... (maybe pony rp once after that sbs birthday event... maybe.... maybe I longed to be a pony again on a forest map)
That is a whole month of hours of, what are galleons for, do you know da way, party at hagrids, n word, n word, and ofcourse more n words.
Aurour were higher years, there was no homework or nightmap, prestige was a COD thing and clone wars was still on its first legs. A lot has happened and changed in 1000 hours. 

This community and game saved me from a real real dark place in my life, where only fake magic could bring in some light... lolz

Remember Keria the Prefect? Her and Raven were the first two people to show me around the new map and explain grey area rulezz. Bless.

Good times. I've silently witnessed a lot of great people come and leave over the years, and a lot of great trolls finally get shooed away. 

I particularly have good memories with miss Lavendula, Shaggy, Baba, Petra, Danny, Mimosa and others I just can't think of right now.

A lot of people are still around and it's nice to hear how people are doing irl.

Who do you all remember that is no longer around? What update was a slap in the face? 

Remember when detention was 200s?  Kappa
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I mean they’re still playing but I remember Accalia and Odin when they were staff members, first they were teaching me everything, from 0. I remember playing with Leon, just talking to her was fun. I remember Petra, just having 3000 personalities, he/she was a good company. There was also Kat, he was a great friend. Used to play with Beaky, she was and still is the best. Shaggy was a great meme.

My boi Erk Stevens. What a meme he was.

Also Aldo Raine/Seven Tails. What I'd do to hear his dulcet tones again.

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