Celine Moongoose - Gamemaker Application

Neutral to +1
I adored your creative beautiful builds and i'm so excited to see them again if you get accepted.
I know you have more than enough capability to go for major events.
It might not be your thing but maybe some in a while would be totally fine in my books.
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Celine, your last time as GM, so much happened, life kept pulling you away unfairly (being sick, your hand, etc) and then you got that amazing job. You were so superb at GMing, i wuld love to see you back on the team.

All of your events i absolutely adored, and your building skills are second to none. Idk if im gonna hurt some feelings here but Celines builds are 100% the best i have ever seen. 

I remember when i began as staff and you were so knowledgeable on rules, punishments, etc that i could ask you for advice even though you were a GM. I know small things have changed on the server but trust me its not much. Youve got that in the bag.

You left on your own terms and i dont think the Activity should matter, as you were ALWAYS on when you were on the team unless you were sick etc and even then you pushed yourself. Your dedication goes kilometers and I know it.

Good luck Celine, i missed you.
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HUGE (+1)(+1) great events in the past when previously gamemaker, always polite and helpful when coordinating your own and others events, never saw them myself but my friends said you have some great assets ;)
I can't remember if it was your event or not but if your responsible for the great beaver invasion of hogwarts summer 2018 you should get the role instantly, like no votes, just get it. spawns ak's. have fun. you know? like the good ol' days. remember those? basketball? you know?  
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This made me so happy! You’re a great builder, you’re approachable, nice, kind, and you also spread so much positive energy around you no matter where you go. I also remember you being on for inhuman length of hours before you resigned and I had this feeling of you always being on the server, because no matter when I got on you were always there. Yes you recently came back, but I believe you would be just as great as before you resigned.
I’m happy you decided to come back!

Lykke til, beste! Heart
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I have to agree with those that point out activity, I’ve only seen you twice before this post, definitely should get more time in. I find it a bit unnecessary that you made a website complete with the staffing history, people usually make a google doc for their events which is fine but imo you went overboard. You built for the people which is fine but only event I saw was during trial. I want to see a bit more input everywhere (server, forums) and make an impact before applying. We have two trials you can improve while they are trial which I hope happens but applying cause you feel like the time is easier to get accepted isn’t the right choice. -1
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Here are my problems:

You have only just now came back to the server after being gone a very long time. You shouldn't be able to reapply immediately and get accepted in my opinion. Come back to the server for a couple months, show you are once again loyal and committed to the server, and then reapply.

You constantly seek for validation. Every time you built anything you would tell the other staff online to come look at what you had made and expected to be complimented. While compliments are nice, this just left a bad taste in my mouth and got really annoying for staff as some were trying to work and don't need to be interrupted just to come look at something you have built. If people want to come look at your builds, they will come. If they want to compliment you, they will. I even recall a staff member telling me that they went to you when asked and didn't say anything and you said something along the lines of they are supposed to compliment you.

You hardly ever did events. The couple you did were good but you just never did them.

All you ever did was build. Your buildings were pretty, sure, most people agree. However they were just decoration for the map basically. They didn't encourage any kind of rp to happen. In my opinion, its fine if GMs do this sometimes, its nice to look at. But I expect GMs to either make events or make things that encourage rp. (an example would be Gina, Gina's builds always encourage rp such as his ministry only build he spawns in the mid courtyard, he made a lawyers office for us one time, ect. These kinds of things let people rp and give them something to do, rather than just sit on stuff and have it look pretty.)

You don't take criticism well. At all. In fact you resigned after getting some valid feedback by one of the admins (that shared feelings of several other staff members including myself). I myself was too afraid to give you constructive criticism based on the fact that you don't take it well. It is SO important that GMs are able to take criticism. They are the most criticized staff members and get the most shit from the community whenever they do events. But when someone gives you feedback that is literally only meant to help you and encourage you to do better, you should take it with a grain of salt and think about it and improve.

Going off of that ^ you are very sensitive. You seek for sympathy a lot and get really offended when you don't get it from them. (saying something happened to you in staff chat for example and leaving after no one commenting on it and giving you sympathy, getting upset because no one cared). Just stop caring so much about what others think.

To be fair things could be different this time around but I'm kind of doubting it. I'm not saying you don't deserve a second chance, maybe you do. But in general you just came back to the server and need more time. 
Because of everything I have listed, -1
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WELL NOW. Lets see what we have here.

Personal experiences include constant builds which also involved passive/small time events almost every night while staff, always friendly to basically everyone on the server, ex-staff with the experience that comes with it (also moderated alot during her own events since she was solo staff during late AU quite often >__>)

Activity could be improved on naturally as is the norm of returning players/ex-staff however cant blame people for getting a wee upset at blunt/harsh criticism with comments she had received from players and staff alike.

Yall can say you never saw her events or just flat out say she never did events (lol) but I sure as hell did for that late AU times, but I guess if other staff dont see then they never happen at all aye.

+1 :D
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I happen to be on when Celine was during the deadzone of the server with no other staff online and managed to see some of the events she would pull, such as the valentines day attractions and love tunnel, as well as tower of power for pvp. I do understand the concerns of applying when returning however the application is open for 30 days so there is plenty of time to see how the activity goes. I have been seeing her getting on as I was leaving for awhile now though I cannot pinpoint when she returned exactly.

In any case I haven't personally seen any of the things that people have claimed about you. You've always been real kind to me and others around you, and I also don't think you should be held back by how you want to present yourself, website or document.

Neutral to +1

I do want to see you on more! good luck
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To the ones who voted -1 on her, you guys failed to realize all the stuff she went through.
Breaking her arm to where she couldn't build as well as having her new job to where she had to spend time outside of SBS.
It's called life.  We (most of us) have one in some shape or form.

She's a fantastic builder and everyone loves her attitude.
Yes, she was gone for a while, but I have seen her on the server every day for nearly a week now.
As long as she's willing to be active, my vote stands.
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I think Celine would be an excellent Gamemaker again, I don't know why people are giving her criticsm over not being active? She's had problems and she has come back and will probably be active again, she was a good Gamemaker in the past just as good as the current Gamemakers and also when she was Gamemaker, she was very active, this is definitely a safe pick. Yes, she might not have been active, but come on she's just come back and is wanting to help out the server already by applying for Gamemaker! That is a really nice choice of Celine. I think she should be a Gamemaker again. Yeah I don't know her that well but I have been in her events before and I have seen her decorations and have seen how active she was.

Personal Note: All Staff have had problems before and have come back and have applied again, it's natural and normal to have problems unfortunately and it does take time to fix problems depending on how bad the problems are.

When she was a Gamemaker she:

  1. Made excellent events.
  2. Made stunning decorations.
  3. Took reports when they was no Staff online.
  4. Was active.

Good Luck on your application!

- Jack R Inkarna
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