Celine Moongoose - Gamemaker Application

Honestly, you're a lovely person overall. Your building skills are through the roof and your events are awesome.

If you don't get accepted i will be triggered.
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(05-22-2019, 05:44 AM)Faeledra R Cron Wrote: You left on your own terms and i dont think the Activity should matter

But it does matter, it matters with any staff member that wishes to return to the team. We, as staff, need to see the dedication again, just because she was amazing before doesn't mean she can skip the activity part.

And Celine, that is my only concern. I loved your builds, and everyone loved them. A lot were very interactive and the community loved what you brought to the table, even if there weren't many events, which is okay honestly because you made everyone happy and excited when you got on. 

I just saw you the other night for the first time, and I'd just like to see your activity increase and then i'll happily change my vote to a +1

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Ok BIG +1 

Celine you are someone different. 

I'd like to state what I have noticed even though I'm not too familiar with everything that has happened I did play the game alot while you were active as a Gamemaker. And I gotta say that you have made the magical world of Hogwarts even more magical for me. I didn't know that was possible.

Let me compare you a bit why you are the special snowflake we need. Other Gamemakers for example make events they usually fall under some categories

- bad enemies spawn (spiders,pixies,vampires,undercover dark forces take over the school) etc etc 
- a game of some sort like a ball and a goal or a fighting arena with swords or enemies again
- something silly like yoga or cooking or gym class

All very basic stuff and these are the kind of events that happen quite often. But soon I realised this was all very limited to some sort. There were always rules to the games and the bad enemies spawn thingies always ended in a lockdown. These kind of restrictions I find taking the enjoyment out of the event.

Now you have Ms.Celine over here working her ass off to make everything perfect and out of no where BAM 

Moonlight Festival! (or Moonlight Fair I can't remember but you know the one with the attractions and the love tunnel and everything that one)

This is so much better because everyone could roam around freely and everyone was having such a good time. I felt like a kid in a candy shop even though its all still Gmod I was completely lost in the magical festival you created.

Other example: Yule Ball oh my god that was something.


Now she has posted this thread in Help and Feedback which shows just a bit of a demonstration to the things she built. Most of these events and building she created have contributed to my Hogwarts experience in a massively positive way and I gotta admit that I never really spoke about this but I felt like all of my favorite staff have already left and I don't want that :( 

Redemption is near! Because you deserve another shot at Gamemaker! I'm sure there were issues and reasons why things are a bit more complicated now and forgiving and forgetting is not something this Community is good at but I just hope that people can look past and realise that theyre missing out.

Kind Regards, 

Some random minge named Timo  harrylove

Sorry about your sickness btw :(
Anyway I think you were a outstanding GM and I do wish for your activity to keep up and you become fully active once again
Your events were amazing. I understand our communication was not the best but I do wish to know you a bit better and I wish that we can be approachable with each other
Neutral Only due to the fact of your activity
Good Luck Celine
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I have seen many people come and go on the staff team, many got brought back even when they have done really bad things. You left on your own terms which many people have done and got brought back.... My experience of you Celine as a GM was amazing, super builds, super friendly and super passive events. I didn't mind giving you credit for your builds as your builds were amazing...Credit is given where credit is due.... I say BRING YOU BACK.... We've missed our Nagini Blue <3

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+1 Amazing builds, Fun events (as I have only been to a couple because you shortly retired after I came to the community), but the couple I had been to was fun. Very creative builds that I haven't seen in the community and missed. 

Yes, you just came back, but you are a long time player and stated that you would return at some point. Welcome back!

A very kind person,nice to everyone
You are really creative
Was a very good gm before 
Events are good 
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(05-22-2019, 05:44 AM)Faeledra R Cron Wrote: ABSOLUTEY YES +100000

Celine, your last time as GM, so much happened, life kept pulling you away unfairly (being sick, your hand, etc) and then you got that amazing job. You were so superb at GMing, i wuld love to see you back on the team.

All of your events i absolutely adored, and your building skills are second to none. Idk if im gonna hurt some feelings here but Celines builds are 100% the best i have ever seen. 

I remember when i began as staff and you were so knowledgeable on rules, punishments, etc that i could ask you for advice even though you were a GM. I know small things have changed on the server but trust me its not much. Youve got that in the bag.

You left on your own terms and i dont think the Activity should matter, as you were ALWAYS on when you were on the team unless you were sick etc and even then you pushed yourself. Your dedication goes kilometers and I know it.

Good luck Celine, i missed you.

Everything that Fael says, I completely agree. However, activity does matter so pick it up and it would be nice to see you back on the staff team and building again!
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+1 was good gm before

You did some great events, just pickup the activity. 

Neutral leaning +1
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