Tom Sanguis L d'Aquitaine Mod app #5

How this is going down: A person told another person that ex staff members were telling Tom what to do. Person believed and told another person this and they believed it as well. This is basically the definition of a rumor and there is literally no proof of this actually ever happening and we all pretty much know this. It's literally some shit someone claimed and my head hurts because of this stupidity. You can literally ask Tom about it but I guess he's biased and will of course give a false answer. 

On the first few days of Tom moderatoring, I did help him out because there were barely any staff on that could help him make decisions. But after that he literally never asked for anything. I went to France and wasn't even on during most of the time Tom was staff. I never went to Tom for him to personally deal with things. I even told him I do not want him to deal with my harassment reports because I don't want him to make bad decisions or seem biased (again you CAN ASK HIM THIS). I could literally get a screenshot of me saying this if my chat history would be longer. I did report other things to him just like any other staff member. Staff and their friends brand players and it's the truth. I have watched you brand players with lies or by overestimating things and that way remove them. There is no proof but you still open your mouths exactly like when I was staff. Full time moderators have come over to me after they have finished their trials and repeatedly asked me how long they should ban someone for and what should he say in the application. I didn't and I won't call anyone out on this, but you deserve to be whooped if you down voted Tom for that and did it yourself for at least 5 weeks. And on behalf of people saying Tom wasn't trained properly, come on.. Floki is new to the team as well and tried his best to train him. 

If you really want to attack "some unnamed ex staff members" for telling Tom what to do, maybe you should get proper proof first and actually look into it? I wasn't aware of that people could see my private messages between me and Tom on Steam. I know for a fact that several people commenting here are heavily biased and blind to whatever anyone else has to say or then just trying to get a reaction, but that's what you get on the Internet I guess. However this is just my opinion and you don't have to agree with it. 

Overall Tom, you are a super nice and friendly kid. Don't waste your years here like I did if they don't respect you. I can tell you that they won't for a while either but not that you would ever need their appreciation. I cannot really tell how well you did during your trials since iwasn'tonduringmostofthetime but I am still confident in your abilitities and if staff really let the people through they currently have on the team, they should very well have you. 

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Since everyone is bringing up stuff that should be kept private from staff meetings I will join in with my 2 cents:

Now the whole issue with "asking old staff for help" is wrong? What? Were here to help, and as staff if we have noone around to ask then asking someone you know have experience shouldnt be wrong? When I was trail I got loads of help from ex staff members and I never got in trouble for it. Obv there is a limit and obv "outsiders" should not influence Toms judgment, but Tom asking once in hes first week led to some staff members giving up on him and literally not giving him a chance, disgusting is my word for it.

I looked at you the times we staffed together Tom and I saw you handling sits with respect and maturity, always being nice and kind. Maybe you still lack some confidence but I think you were a good addition to the team.
Gl on ur app
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So, unnamed ex staff members whispering stuff into the ears of someone young and impressionable.

So in terms of Tom, appears to be mature, few times i got on and seen what little I did, you seemed quick to ban people but thats a trend everyone is seeing with newer mods, can only assume its piss poor training from the team, then again a lot of your longer bans came from a timezone where you were solo moderating, now I know from expirence how hard and stressful that can be, i also remember that two ex staff would tell me to ban them for x amount of time because thats what they would do, same thing when they made another unnamed mod a pocket mod and would ask her to take them both to sits and actually let them do fckn sits, none of that is rumor, its FACT.

-snip- dont let this experience discourage you in anyway, keep striving for mod if thats what you want, trust in the team youre trying to join, good luck with your application, my vote is -1 for now.
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You got my vote buddy! Definitely one of the best persons I know on the server. If anyone deservers to be Mod It's Tom.

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Not sure if you remember Tom, but some time before your trial run you were in a pull with me 

about my name having "Bored" in it. I was instructed by the moderator who was "training" you to change my name. 

A week or so later I see you on Mod with the name "Tom Bored d'Aquitaine" while other staff were on.

This double standard paired with the fact that you've had a failed trial run 

Leads me to vote Neutral for now. 
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+1. Tom was a great mod. He played more than what a lot of the whole time mods did so hearing he lost it due to inactivity was outrageous, especially when nearly every time I saw him he was solo staff and he was responding to calls right away. In regards to ban times I never saw an issue for it. Lots of others would give out short bans then just unban them before the time is up or give a shorter time than what might be needed. 

He conducted himself in a professional manner and worked hard at what he did. Seeing Tom solo all the time it just shows that he never had any other staff to talk to or ask questions so that might show why you think his bans were long but I always though his ban lengths were justified. 

Since there was no other staff to help him then what's the issue with getting help from ex staff? They are the next best thing and can give extra training where needed so surely any help is good right.

Tom was one of the best temp mods I've seen in a long time and it's easily been enough time. He could have applied right after he "failed" but he wanted. The app shows everything needed. Why make a super long app that looks good when you can just say enough to get the point across. Bullshit baffles brains and making long app posts do as well apparently.
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You were an excellent moderator. Active and very friendly.
I'd love you see you back. (:

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+1 Now I dont know what the deal is with what those people saying. I personally love Tom, he is fun to play with. That thing with the "2 unnamed ex staffs" So what? I even say GOOD that they are giving him advice on staffing. I myself would personally choose to take advice from old staffs and ex staff members than the new ones right now. In my opinion with no offense to anyone, I think they were better and the best staffs the server had. And if Tom can be like them GREAT! He would make an excellent Moderator.

Tom is a really nice guy he helped me with learning the rules and he made my Hogwards expirience a lot better.

+1 I still find it ridiculous that he failed trial for inactivity when it was only 1 day. I remember the first day he got trial he was solo for a LOT of the day. He was always super quick to answer my calls and clear up grey area rules when I needed to double check something. As for the rumours of ex-staff telling him what to do it's bullshit. When you go in for your first day of trial completely blind and solo who wouldn't go to anyone with experience I'd rather he took advice from experienced players who know what to do then try to do things by himself when he isn't sure of something Heart
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