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Mission 1 Debrief  - "Welcome to Site 19"

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Mission 1-B: 
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Mission 2 Debrief - "The Hunt"
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Mission 2-B: 
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Mission 3 Debrief - "What Happened at Site 13?"
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Mission 4 Debrief - "An Unlikely Alliance" 
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OOC: This post is basically an "archive" of every document that is found during one of the events or active deployments of my new storyline, "Those Who Came After". The events these documents are found in will be summarized as well as links to the documents themselves being provided. Within this archive, several of these documents may or may not contain information not present in the original, easter eggs, hints of what is to come, clues to the main story, other hidden documents, and so on. These act as a form of "ARG" that anyone can interact with and try their best at doing. It is entirely possible to uncover the entire plot of this storyline from the documents alone, as long as you read them carefully and look out for any possible clues hidden within this archive. 

I hope you all enjoy, as I have many more documents to share with you all. 

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