[CWRP] Looking for GMs!

Hello SBS-ers!

We're currently looking for new gamemakers for CWRP! If you've got experience in gamemaking and are willing, I highly encourage you apply! Do note that we are looking for quality gamemakers, and that you will still have to go through the mandatory helper phase before becoming a full gamemaker like everyone else.

Not sure if you're good for gamemaking? If you like doing any of these things then you should definitely consider trying out gamemaker:
- Making stories / Creative writing
- Entertaining players
- Honing your skills (generally improving yourself)
- Setting up action-packed scenarios
- Expanding your contribution to the community

If you're not too sure of your skills as a gamemaker just remember that everyone started somewhere. Even I struggled with GMing initially, and it's nothing to be ashamed or afraid of if you struggle at first as well. The most important thing is just taking that leap of faith and going for it! We understand that sometimes it can be harrowing to put yourself out there, but we promise to provide as receptive of a learning experience as possible.

However, you still have certain expectations if you want to enter the helper phase of becoming a gamemaker (that being having your application accepted). Here are a few traits we look for in applicants:
- Patient
- Accepting of criticism*
- Committed to self-improvement*
- Collaborative
- Independent/Self-sufficient
- Creative*

* = Especially preferred

There are many different ways you can contribute to this community, and gamemaking is one of the biggest ways. A good gamemaker can do more to help the server than even the best moderator, at least if you ask me. So if you're genuinely interested in contributing to SBS more then please take this opportunity! Naturally, you don't have to become a gamemaker and can simply remain a helper if you wish, simply doing sims or the sort occasionally. The decision is up to you, but we hope that you'll consider this opportunity!

We pride ourselves in our unique gamemaking tradition here on CWRP, and there's much to learn from becoming a gamemaker. But most of all, there's much to contribute to that tradition! Good luck to any new applicants, and have a great day everybody!
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Moving to new place in a few days, i'll reapply then xD ~Drake
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(06-13-2019, 09:07 AM)Rick Sanchez Wrote: Moving to new place in a few days, i'll reapply then xD ~Drake

you go drake
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(7 hours ago)Etlenor K Dragon Rivers Wrote: @Rick Sanchez are you my rick? D:
No that's Rick C-137 and your no Morty C-137
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