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(1) In-game name & Steam ID 
In game name: Battalion Commander Bloom
SteamID: STEAM_0:1:73350848

(2)Your suggestion: 
I'm going to address this solely to the community of SBS Clone Wars RP rather than the staff team, but I am aware that you guys on the staff team will likely be the only real people who take a meaningful look at it. so hopefully, you will read this suggestion as a player of the community and not a staff member. I would also like to preface that this is not a plea for the return of my rank or the return of my fellow 327th member's ranks. I will use the removal of our battalion's officers as evidence but I am aware that the decisions are final. I have faith in the forums staff and I hope that they will not pay heed to any attempts to remove this post as I am going to give it my best try to follow all the rules of the forums. I say this because I am not oblivious to the drama this post has the potential to cause. I assure you my intentions are noble. I do not call for the removal of any staff members, nor do I call for hate against any involved. 

What I propose here is simply a freer approach to the staff system in an attempt to prevent overreach. Let me explain. It is my personal opinion that the main reasoning for the server's previous shutdown prior to the opening of the new server we all now play on was staff overreach into battalions.

At the hight of the server's popularity, the staff decided to wipe all the battalions. This mistake proved to be very reckless and caused a very large amount of older players including at the time my friend and commander in the 327th, Arrow. The loss of our commander was a large blow, as we had just recently lost our battalion commander and the battalion was simply not ready for that kind of hit. as with most battalions, we tried desperately to retain our numbers from before the wipe. We were the lucky ones. The communities and brotherhoods formed by other battalions like the 41st, 212th, 501st, and pretty much every other battalion were stomped out as their loyal and older players decided to disconnect for a final time. 

The decision to wipe these battalions cost the server dearly in numbers. a lot of players played for maybe a week, but quickly the player counts declined from what they once were. This decision followed by the next wipe where we switched from the number system to the alpha bravo charlie system in my opinion ultimately led to the server's demise. The wipe of the battalions was a massive staff overreach and the community had no say or power over the situation.  The blow to the community was massive. Following the server's shutdown, most players did not believe the server would ever open again. 

When the server did open, the players were excited. With a whole new staff team and a new chance to build itself up again, the server has a possibility to be what it was before the initial wipe. I believed it too, and I still believe it. Our staff team has the opportunity to shepherd us into a great future full of full servers and battalion bonding. Sadly, the reverse is also true. Should the staff take the easy road and fail to trust the battalions to govern themselves they risk another server being shut down. It is, for this reason, I come to you today to ask that we, the players, not allow history to repeat itself. The staff will follow the easy road because it is easy and to them, it looks like there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is not. We as players must hold our staff team accountable for their actions. Specifically in regards to its battalion medaling. Our current server manager, Corgi, has made some great decisions but also some that are not so great. Every time Corgi makes a decision he gambles. will the community support it? Will it end up right? Normally everything is fine. Corgi genuinely has good ideas and intentions, but you don't win every gamble. 

Around three months ago the commander of 104th, Shades, was removed from his position by corgi. To be fair to Corgi, Shades was far from a perfect commander. He was disrespectful, undisciplined, and complicate in his battalions mingery. But he was also untrained. Untaught. Shades was thrown into his position without any formal officer training and expected to raise a perfect battalion. Despite this lack of training shades managed to form a community and respect within the ranks of the 104th over which he commanded. Others on the server may not have liked the community he had made, but it was there and it caused the people of the 104th to have a reason to log on to clone wars RP and see what was going on. They didn't come for the events, they didn't come for the RP, they came for the 104th. Their family. 

Corgi was aware and reminded of shade's unpreparedness for his position, and instead of putting in the effort of training him and retaining the 104th's community, he took the easy road and removed shades from his officer position, replacing him with a more qualified, and less respected officer. Overnight the time and effort shades put into his battalion was dashed, and Comet, the new officer, was forced to start almost from scratch. When I saw this happen, I was not in support of the decision (i was the staff manager at the time so corgi and I talked regularly.) But, in the end, I did nothing. I thought, "I'm not in 104th, and regardless of what I might think of the decision, why should I fight it? it doesn't affect me."  I took the easy approach, as corgi had done, and I had ignored the unethical decision because I did not think it would have repercussions outside of the 104th. All I wanted was the health of my battalion and the server as a whole. But I was wrong to say nothing. The 104th had been a part of the community and their removal had hurt the server as a whole regardless of what you may have thought of shades. I was also wrong to assume that it would not affect me or my battalion. 

as I am writing this post, about 30 hours ago the officership of the 327th Star Corps. including myself, Commander Link, and Major Barr/Devis were all removed from our positions. We had not broken any rules and our battalion was still operating like normal. I myself had been a bit inactive due to an intense football schedule and had permission from our commander to be on LOA for a few weeks until it lightened up. I had received a message from the newly promoted Marshal Commander Comet who operated off powers from Corgi right before I left for a trip. He informed me that I would be "Forced to resign" (a fancy way of saying removed) from 327th should my activity not increase. I had been assured by Corgi that Comet's position required his go-ahead to remove anyone from their officer positions. I trusted corgi to at least give us a bit to improve get it all worked out and so I simply replied with "okay". As I was on the bus ride back to town I received a message from Comet informing me that myself and all the other officers of 327th had been removed for inactivity. I was shocked, to say the least. I will say again that neither I nor any other officer of the 327th had broken any rules, but we were removed anyway despite there being no reason to do so.  A simple peek at the 327th discord (which Corgi was in at the time.) would have shown that the battalion was still very much active. The other officers even posted announcements for events. I was told the reason for my demotion is that i had not been on the server once in 30 days. This was not true and you can see the evidence on my gametracker. 
[Image: player_time.php?nameb64=SmVyZW15&host=20...7089351653]
Now ill admit the these are not great numbers. I will, however, repeat that I was on LOA and that my LOA was approved by my commander, meaning that my removal was completely against the wishes of my commander and therefore a complete overreach by the Corgi and Comet. However, the worst of all was Commander Link. This is his gametracker as of right now:
[Image: player_time.php?nameb64=TGlua3J1bGVz&hos...9359195195]
This shows a great amount of activity about two weeks before our removal. Link was dealing with a similarly difficult football schedule as I was and still managed to be active during that time. However, he had been busier during the two weeks he was not on much but he still kept track of events through discord. These tables may show a bit of inactivity, but nothing that would even be close to grounds for removal. Not from a commander position, anyway.

But this is not my point. The server has eight rules and I will list them now: 
1: No Fail RP
2: Be Respectful towards other players and staff
3: No RDM
4: Obey Staff and RP leader 
5: Do Not Mic/Chat Spam
6: Advert is for RP purposes
7: salute your commanding officers
8: Do not AFK or Map Exploit

I point out the nowhere in those rules does it state that being inactive is punishable by demotion from officer by staff. So, I will say again that no rules had been broken, and Corgi and Comet had done what they wished to do anyway.

Now, moving on from that. I am sure that Corgi and Comet had noble intentions, but they took the easy path. Nobody outside of 327th stepped up and said something. They did nothing because it did not effect them. they are not 327th, just as I was not 104th. Just as 104ths wipe caused them to all leave, so too did the wipe of 327th. And though we may still have a few players like hellion who still play, the vast majority of 327th players will never again connect to SBS. Overnight, due to some immoral decisions made by two staff members, it caused the erasure of an entire group of players. If 327th can be removed that easily, so can your battalion and anyone else's.

That is why I propose a change in the way staff operates on the server. There are eight rules clearly defined on the loading screen and in my opinion staff should only focus on those eight rules. Corgi can continue to make positive changes to the server in the form of add-ons, but no more will he have the power to wipe out entire groups of players with a single discord message. Comet will continue to help out struggling battalions by providing much-needed support to some of the newer officers and he can even do tryouts for some battalions when they need them. But no longer will he have the powers of the server manager without the responsibility of one. We as players must stand up and demand change or none will be made. I know that you have no reason to care now because you do not think your battalion is in danger, but what will you do down the line when your battalion is in danger and nobody else from the community steps up to help you? I believe the players need to take a more active role in the actions of the staff members who represent us otherwise there is no reason why history will not repeat itself.  

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 
without change, the staff will undoubtedly continue down their current path, and the server will not survive. 

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: 
Obviously, the only way any effective change will happen is if Corgi himself agrees to limit his power and that of his marshal commander apprentice. Corgi has to make these decisions and I doubt he would sacrifice the power he has now willingly. That is why I ask for the support of the community. These changes must be made or the server will die the same way it did in the past. I do not believe that Corgi is "corrupt," but i do think that everyone makes mistakes and everyone gets carried away.
[Image: unknown.png]

bloom I had seen you 3 times since your step down from Staff Manager. 327th was also having atleast 2 active players around the time of all your officers being inactive, those 2 being Melly and Shine. 

Your removal and removal of all officers from 327th came from a decision from all officers currently on since no one decided to come from your battalion and defend your inactivity. While 327th has had the best connection between players on the server. It having only 1 person on for over a month isnt good and limits the server entirely. 

If your complaints are about the staff team. you were the one who set the very foundation of it from the server reopening. This doesn't even seem like a genuine complaint, more of you being angry that your inactivity and the other officers inactivity has caused them to be punished.

Also that gametracker of link shows he was on for a day for a long time and also shows he wasn't on for an entire week also.

It may not say in the official rules that inactivity for an officer results in removal but you've been apart of SBS for a hella long time, you know why we cant have inactive officers.

Now while you will argue activity did go up. Nothing was done to fix 327th when anyone was active. 0 attempts at making the battalion appealing to people joining. Little attempts at tryouts and fixing the current issue of activity. Nothing was done.

No one in wolfpack left after the wipe. The people who took the criticism and wipe well stayed and improved beyond what was expected of them

No other battalions will be removed cause they have no issues with activity. Comet and Corgi had warned you guys about activity.

This isnt a power move from staff or anyone else. Once again an officer meeting was held all officers had talked over 327th being an issue and not being active. We had discussed a wipe and you would have know about that if you had looked at discord or even gotten online.

This wipe didnt cost the server anything, we saw more 327th online in the past month after the wipe happened. You would know these things if you got online as Battalion Commander.

My battalion has been threatened with a wipe and I was told what to fix and I fixed it. It isnt difficult and every battalion is at risk at all times. YOUR battalion was dead and it needed a fix and clearly warnings from corgi and comet didnt work out so a wipe occurred.


I think you read the gametracker backwards btw
[Image: Join_ARC_v3.jpg]

This post is very confusing for me to try and follow. I'll be honest, I can't really discern how honest this really is. Most of this really just comes off to me that you didn't like being removed, but I think it's obvious that's not what you intended to communicate.

Your example about 104th is just blatantly wrong as well... Shades was given many chances. And beyond that 104th is doing exceptionally now. I'm not sure if you've intended this either, but it comes off that you're trying to simply twist the truth. Beyond that even you're rallying the players...? For what? Nobody except you is concerned about this. This, too, comes off like you just trying to stir trouble over your demotion.

My biggest question is just where your rationale for all of this comes from. And before you say it, don't just refer me back to your post, because I read the whole thing over twice. It has always been a well known thing that if you can't contribute as much as your rank entails that you don't just get to hold onto it. By your logic, we shouldn't remove people who don't do the responsibilities their ranks require of them? Jai was on for three days waiting for 327th tryouts and not one officer even came on. Now, I've been around the block, and I know that if I know I can't personally get around to being active for a time that I can at least fall back on my other officers to pick up my slack. But none of the 327th officers were there. Officers that were your responsibility, and which ultimately did not deliver either. This is the reason 327th was wiped, because there was no one left anyways. The one person who remained actually sought this end. 

At least now I see 327th playing after this wipe. Before there were none. At all.

I understand that I come off as a bit callous in this reply, which I'll admit I did not intend to be when I first began typing this out. But your behavior up to this point is well known by most of the team, and it honestly makes it difficult for me to be nice about this. The reality is simple: you didn't do your job, and as such were removed for it. As of my time typing this up there are no replies to this post, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who's of this mind.

But what I personally find most frustrating is the fact that your subordinate officer took this maturely, and yet you couldn't. Sharp took the news well, and he didn't throw a fit. That's because he understood, like everyone else on the server, that you don't get special treatment. If I were to suddenly not be on for a week then people would raise questions. If none of my battalion ever played then that would be a concern. If I were just to say, "Oh, it's alright. I deserve this rank. Don't demote me." then people wouldn't go for it. 

There were numerous people going to Corgi about 327th, and how inactive they were. NUMEROUS people believed that this was what needed to be done. This wasn't something that Corgi or Comet just pulled out of their asses and said "Yep, I feel like demoting all the 327th immediately without consulting others or giving them ample warning ahead of time to get things into gear." They deliberated on the issue for a while, and many other members of this community voiced their concerns about 327th as well. Hell, the survey we did had a pretty significant trend of bringing up this issue as well.

I'm not sure if you were actually trying to be receptive about this suggestion or not in all honesty. Because on one hand you clarify that you wish no hate upon anyone, and on the other you're twisting facts and trying to stir up the players over something that nobody actually cares about. If you want to know what the players cared about, it was the nonexistent leadership in 327th. Not the fact that management was doing its job trying to fix a battalion on the server.

EDIT: Just also wanna mention that everyone combated Corgi on letting you give Bly to Link. He literally told all of us that he was giving you guys a chance, and that he had faith in you guys. Everyone didn't agree with it, and it was even brought up during a staff meeting where we all agreed that it wasn't the right move. And yet now you're going to betray Corgi's faith from that time and simply say that he didn't give you guys ample chance?? Corgi literally put his reputation on the line for you guys and this how you intend to repay him? He made it clear that you guys needed to make changes as well, and even STILL he let you guys be incredibly inactive for even longer. I'm sure Corgi has a lot of regret about his faith in you, and I'm curious to see his reply.
[Image: j1pykrN.png]

Thanks for the feedback, Dac. just to address a few of your points:
The officer meeting you guys where in had no 327th officer in attendance. this is true.
the reason for this is because we had already been demoted that morning before the meeting took place.

My post was not made to challenge the decision made in regards to our officers, I simply used it as evidence to explain my point. 

You also point out that the numbers for 327th jumped up after the wipe. the sole reason for this is that a tryout was done immediately after the wipe. Also, the thing only happened yesterday, i don't think that is a long enough time to make judgments on something like that. You say that the server lost "nothing" with the wipe. that is simply not true. Many loyal and longtime players have left due to this decision. The culture and the history that came with the 327th has been lost to SBS.  You might see this as a good thing and that is certainly your opinion to have but i simply wished to show how easily we were removed to show that it doesn't take much for a battalion to be wiped and that nobody has any say over it outside of the two people involved.
[Image: unknown.png]

Bloom you werent removed when the meeting happened. There was an meeting that was announced in the officer discord a week before it happened. And no one was removed yet and we still had all officers except 327th come. That is where we discussed the possibility of removal and comet and corgi brought up messaging the officer of 327th to attempt to fix this.

327th is still going strong. And the wipe wasnt an easy thing at all. All of your officers werent getting online and actively trying to fix any issues within the the battalion. We allowed this for almost an entire month. Link was active right when you decided to give him commander and then dropped off immediately. 

you're having a shades level mental breakdown over in game rank. since you decided to give link commander and step down we understood that your activity wasnt gonna be so hot but you also had the largest amount of officers in a single battalion. But none ever got on. Your argument doesnt make any sense. And this is basically the same situation that arised from shades removal.

You get angry at your faults and accidents and dont want to admit you did wrong. Then make angry memes in your discord. Then the people who actually are amazing and willing to take this wipe to heart and learn from it stay and improve ten fold. I dont see any reason behind this post other than "Corgi bad for removing me from officer even though I was inactive"
[Image: Join_ARC_v3.jpg]

The officership that was left of the 372th Star Corps were removed for inactivity, inability to grow the battalion, failure to work hard on the battalion itself, and for the obvious lack of skillful leadership of the battalion for a prolonged period of time. You had barely been on for 5 times in the past 30 days, and had been given a direct notice to both yourself and Link a week ahead of time, telling you to get more active or you would be removed. 

You did not get more active. 

The server rules are rules for players whom actually play on the server and are used to enforce rules while on the server. Yes, they can be used for reasons of demoting or removing someone, but they are not the only reasons an officer can be demoted or removed. You have played for long enough to know this, and have seen it yourself. 

The 104th officer wipe occurred due to Shade's constant causing of drama, toxicity, and issues within his own battalion and every other battalion the 104th worked with at the time, none of which are things which can simply be fixed by doing officer training. This caused 2 people to leave, those 2 being the 2 most problematic officers, while every single other 104th member stayed, and then the 104th became one of the best and most active battalions on the server after being handled by Comet, who is now the Marshal Commander. If you had been online enough, you would have seen this. 

I was in the 327th discord, and based off of what I saw your definition of the word "active" is somewhat mentioning the server every few days and all the other time playing Arma 3 and talking about other games. The only person I ever saw posting announcements about events in that discord was Shine, who is a sergeant in the battalion. I was even told by ex-327th and those still in 327th that you and Link had not planned to play on the server, something you even told me yourself, and just hold your positions until you were removed. 

Regarding Link's removal, while Link had been somewhat more active than his other officers, this activity quickly dropped and fell into a deep inactive period. This drop, with no explanation, caused the battalion to suffer in tryouts, trainings, command, all of which make the sever and battalion population decline. This, coupled with the fact that while Link was online the things he did do were generally simplistic and failed to attract new members or train his men effectively, is why Link was removed from the position of commander. You even admitted to your own fault of being inactive when you gave Link the position of Commander Bly after stepping down to Battalion Commander, after which you admitted that you would likely not play on the server as much, which has shown to be true. 

As for the issue of "overreach" of the staff team, I'd like to point out that the only actual staff involved is myself. Comet is not part of the staff team, he is just an assistant to the role of Server Manager. Yes, he does act through me and needs my permission to do certain things, but when he does message people about demotions, promotions or things of the like, you can be assured he has already gone to me about it and already has, and in this case already had, my permission to do said things. My position as server manager is supposed to manage and handle these exact sorts of issues with officers and battalions, that's one of the key portions of the role. We didn't wipe the entire battalion, we removed 2 officers that had failed to meet the requirements of their position, and from what I have seen so far more people have been interested in 327th since the removal of said officers, and several other past 327th have started to play more. 

If I had wanted to take the "easy road", I would have removed you from Bly and Staff Manager months ago, yet I continued to give you and 327th chance, after chance, after chance. Each time, that chance failed to fix the issues 327th had for good. I don't take the easy road in my position, it's not possible for me to do so, but I do take the best possible road that will lead to the best resolution to a problem. That is the road I was forced to take here due to the 327th officership's chances running out. 

If you had asked me 2, maybe 3, months ago which battalion is the best on the server I would have likely said 327th. You were active, skilled, did plenty of trainings, and had good officers.

I cannot say the same for the 327th from this past month. 

This past month's 327th has been inactive, slow, dramatic, and a major cause for concern, save for a few members that have done their best to be active aside from their officer's inactivity. The removal of 327th officership was done to change this, and make 327th the best it can be once again. 

If you cannot accept that you failed to make 327th, your 327th, the best it can be by being active and taking the care to work with it, then you are lying to yourself because you cannot accept your own faults. I hope you can understand that. 
~ Ex-Admin, Experienced Gamemaker(And at one time, Head-Admin) of SBS Clone Wars RP ~

~ Ex-Community Supervisor and Ex-Head Gamemaker of Vector Gaming (Clone Wars RP and First Order RP)~ 

< Led the 501st Legion for nearly 10 months as Captain Rex on the original SBS Clone Wars RP > 

- Currently 501st Commander on SBS CWRP -

- Currently SBS CWRP Server Manager-

The OG 501st Legion: 
[Image: wF0A2mD.jpg]

I'm not going to write a long winded reply to this since most of the points I wished to say have already been covered.

The very first time SBS wiped was not at the height of SBS. By this point GAR had transformed into a CWRP and many players were migrating over there which resulted in a massive blow to the SBS player base. We needed a way to regain the player base that we had lost, so the decision to wipe all ranks was put forward. After a small amount of time into the new wipe, 2 players in each battalion were chosen to take the ranks of 2nd Lieutenant and Lieutenant to lead the battalion. I remember this because Turbo and Shepard were selected for 104th. I left soon after this all happened, but I know the update to the NOM system did not do so well. You say this was staff's decision to wipe in the first place and use it as an example of overreach, but Guy was all for it too. He was the one who actually initiated the wipe on the day it happened and was online to hold battalion tryouts the same day. 

You say your reason for removal was because you apparently had not been on the server 'once in thirty days'. If you check your discord messages between us I said you had been on 6/30 days, which is still far from good enough. 

The final thing I want to point out is that I was told by a couple of remaining 327th players that the reason they rarely did was because there was nobody to run with in events, no tryouts hosted, no training. Don't get me wrong, it's great that you all formed a friendship like you did, I've always seen 327th as a close group of friends on SBS. But you should understand by now that the close friendship you all formed does exempt you from actually having to play and run the battalion like other officers do. 

Complaining about staff overreach when you had full control of the staff team   wutface
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