Finally back to Hogwarts

Good Afternoon everyone. I finally came back from the "break". I have forgot everything mods, admins, in game buttons etc. I remember only Satia and Elios. I have "improved" myself. And I hope I  see you soon ig. I hope something changed about "bullies" etc. I continued my YouTube channel too(yeaaah) I have
15k subscribers

Happy Snatching...  ronscared

Welcome back

And how did your meeting with Ubisoft go?
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Nice to see you again! How was the lectures at Cambridge and the meeting with Ubisoft?
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The meeting was good we preparing new game BTW. No more info hehehe he. The interview was very stressful but I did it. I can't share more info Sorryyy. I took 3 degrees from Cambridge and everything went good.

Welcome back!
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Welcome back!
What's your youtube?
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Welcome back!
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omg welcome back to the land of SBS your people have been waiting for your return.
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My YouTube channel in Greek language of course for San

Welcome Back :)
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