Prefect Law Report Round 2 #6

(1) What is your in game name and Steam ID? - STEAM_0:0:88428788

(2) What is their name? - Serverus Ownerus and Headaus adminus

(3) What is their Steam ID? - STEAM_0:1:490387235 STEAM_0:0:428899388

(4) What did they do wrong? - FAIL RP NAMES

(5) Evidence. (Must be provided) -
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Same two people went into the graveyard and were disrespectful to other players....


So these two guys created some problems during Prefect Law I see.
The fact that they weren't going to change their name after the warnings make me think about the punishment.
Also after seeing that raid in the GY I can give a +1 for the punishment they actually deserve (there a lot of signs outside the GY, there are no excuse here).

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Report accepted

They were both warned for fail RP names, running around as unsorted and for raiding the GY. Thanks for reporting!

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Report has been reviewed
And was handled by
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