Seraphins Mod Application

I believe that u will be a great gm again, but idk about the mod position , ur nice and knows the rules though , idk what to vote here cuz i really want to see u as a gm  again
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You know the rules and you have past experience.

Your activity is not good, you are an Administrator and a Developer for Halo RP Server, so how can we know you will dedicate some of your time here as a Moderator? The Server needs active Moderators, not inactive ones.

Yes you have past experience, but you're not active enough so it won't be fair on the applicants that are active.

Good Luck with your application!

- Jack R Inkarna (if you think my vote is unfair, feel free to PM me on the Forums)
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(06-14-2019, 12:12 PM)Ritchie Lupin Wrote: -1 I would not like to see you as staff on hogwartsrp as when you where gamemaker you abused that power to get out of RP situations. I have been first hand witness so I would not like to see you have any power again on the server. Example of this is when you would be stood around on server and if someone snatched you. You would make the excuse of you can't snatch me I'm busy and they see that you are some sort of staff they will removed the cuffs. I was actually one person you done this to multiple times.

Well I'd like to say I only did this if I was the only Staff on the server, time and time again I was told staffing comes before Rp and people need help. The problem was I like to play as a student too much during thay time. 

You can snatch me all you want if there were other staff on and I wasn't "modding" as a gm in a dead timezone
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Your timezone coincides with that time on server when it's generally prefect law.
You're a chill person who's helpful and easy to get a long with.
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You’re loyal, helpful, hardworking and friendly/approachable, like a moderator should be. Although Seraphin you were such a great GM with your events and builds, I’d like to see you as a GM rather than a moderator but if this is what you want, go for it, I’m sure you’ll succeed at it. Wishing you good luck.

This is an easy +1.

they made you tempmod numerous times during normal peak hours.  
As staff activity seems to have diminished you come in and help out all the time.
Used to have to mod as a GM even though there were mods on back in the day.
knows what hes doin


Wait this is serious?? Let me laugh even harder! Kappa

Jk uve been tempmoding quite a bit and it looks like ur willing to help out, staying active in needed timezones.
However remember that as a disceplinary staff you have to play those X hours each week, you dont have the amazing luxury of the GM to be... welll... afk? Also u did allot of fun as a gm, imo you should apply for that!

Still gonna give +1
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-1 you resigned on good terms which i can understand but your activity was so bad even for a GM, you have temp modded which i can understand but being gone for so long you don't understand most rules. As a GM you aren't obligated to get sits so i can/can't understand you getting out of cuffs. i just have major concerns with you going to mod, you're an admin on halo. you say you'll get on after halo dies down but idk. i'm still with my -1.
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You have experience and im sure you know the rules and stuff since you were gm before. But you are dev and admin on Halo server. Its even hard and stressful being a mod on Hogwarts. Would you be able to handle all those? I havent seen you being active on Hogwarts RP . Im sorry but for now im gonna give neutral to -1 till i see you are active and that you can handle all. Good luckkk
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Application accepted. Congratulations!

Thread Locked
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