Tommy's Staff Application

For reasons already stated by others no need to repeat the same things over and over again!


The reasons have already been stated by comments above.

Good Luck with your application!

- Jack R Inkarna
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Well deserved return, very active. +1
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Agreeing with everything my hot black man Reggie said, every word of it! And I’m glad you’ve also improved your activity:3 you’d be a great addition to the staff team once again! Wishing you the best of luck, shine Tommy shine

huge +1

Has been active for several weeks now, perfecting and reporting quite frequently.

A good candidate, +1
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Yo Tommy the draggo!
I basically agree with everyone else,

Active, knowledgeable and chill af..

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+1 Tommy was a good mod back in the days I would love to see him be a mod again especially in a timezone where we need staff
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Agreed with Reggie, Tommy was a model mod when I was new and later a great admin. He knows how to be an excellent staff. Ez +1
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+1 Tom Derks Dragon was one of the best staff members in the old map.
He is an experienced staff and a veteran player.

You just returned. You are a nice person actually and im sure you were a great staff member but i really wanna see they giving chance to other people instead of accepting old staff members. You gonna take the potision anyways so my vote dont mean anything anyways. Good luck! Neutral
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