Climb Swep Alternative

(1) In-game name & Steam ID:
CPL Lilium - STEAM_0:1:107579828

(2)Your suggestion:
An alternative for Climb SWEP

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 
There are multiple issues that people have spoken about such as climbs not reloading or it only sometimes working on certain surfaces, however the reason I am suggesting an alternative is due to people who physically can't use this SWEP. I've seen from the responses in discord that other people find it painful to use after a short while and people with some medical issues too that prevent them from using this. For me it causes me pain due to medical issues and it'd be great to be included some other way.
I am not saying to remove Climbing SWEP as a whole but add something like the Grapple Hook as an alternative, it'd be nice to have a way to be included in situations when it is needed.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: 
I saw some people in the discord say it could be abused however if it was put as a T2 (or higher) item so new players couldn't abuse it or rules, restrictions and punishments are put in in place, this negative could be prevented.

Edit: People have DMd me and I've seen a response about making a special job, however the reason I suggested this is not to isolate people with issues but to include them.
Edit 2: I mean the Grapple Gun not the over powered Belt from Attack On Titan, the grapple gun is slower and requires some skill. Obviously not saying it has to be a Grapple any alternative would be nice.

+1 This would be extremely helpful for those who are easily excluded.
 The idea of making it something earned upon loyalty progress is even better because it allows for those who are brand new to not abuse it. 
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Grimes im going to have to disagree with you, I feel like this should be an item for certain people so new players don’t use it as an excuse to get out of climbswep, and I’ve seen silver 1-5 abuse so if anything it should be a special job I will nyo vote since my vote seems one sided
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The point was to make it so it's accessible to a higher tier as well to avoid new players minging around with it. Making it a class where you can join specifically for the grapple defeats the purpose of wanting to be inclusive... you are literally making an entire regiment of that and separating it from others. 
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Big +1 from me, I easily get exhausted using Climb SWEP and it can be a pain to climb up large structures

I think this would be really helpful! :)

There are times when I'm just not able to get up to certain spots with the climbing, and I'm sure a lot of others have trouble with it too. And sometimes during events you need to get up to a higher area, otherwise you'll fall behind. I understand that some better skilled jobs kind of make it a requirement to be good with it, and that's fine, but for everyone else I think there should be another easier option.
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just make it as a donatable tool... easy fix to any issue with grappling hooks. granted I know some may not be able to fork over the money for it, and if it's found that they're abusing it, it should just as quickly be removed from them as it is given.
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(07-06-2019, 01:34 PM)MrBug9898 Wrote: +1

just make it as a donatable tool... easy fix to any issue with grappling hooks. granted I know some may not be able to fork over the money for it, and if it's found that they're abusing it, it should just as quickly be removed from them as it is given.

Yes I agree with Bug but then as grimes said its not inclusive but this is the right idea I know some people have a grudge against climb swep or medical conditions that disallow them to, but this seems like an easy way out of climb swep for the people that aren’t medically impaired I know when I didn’t like doing climb swep I would’ve taken this job. but a question I have for that is why do you even need climb swep in the first place what are you gonna climb? Because while you can track who is abusing it, it will still happen at any loyalty
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I feel like this would be very useful. I, being not so smart, struggle a lot when using climb swep. 
I don't have too many other suggestions for this, except if you could find an example of what you mean on the steam workshop, that would be great :)
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I know what its like to not be able to use climb swep since I've hurt my wrist in the past so i'm going to throw up a +1 to this the points you've made i totally agree with everything stated
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