Tagg your favorite RP Child

✠Tom Sanguis L d'Aquitaine✠
✠Joind September 2017✠
✠VIP - Septeber 18
✠<3Married To Tate LumiHeart-d'Aquitaine<3✠
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Because i don't have a favorite, I love you all  Heart
[Image: flat,550x550,075,f.u2.jpg]
Daughter of Jackie and Bathilda Sanguis Heart 
Mother of  three amazing children Jay, Octavion and Ash Heart Heart Heart
Head of the Mcguffins family
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ALL OF THEM... @Tom Sanguis L d'Aquitaine @Jack Sisca-Inkarna @Jay Lyve @Emily Delaire Inkarna @ScytheArthur @StevenMcFeelin14 @Oliver Dragon-Inkarna  Elisabeth, Dommy & Astrid  Heart
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My fave "Child"
[Image: giphy.gif]

The name is Raven
Joined March 9th 2016
"Your ass is Grass and im going to mow it"
~A Canadian Russian with a Irish accent 
playing mini golf with other bitches.

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@Jegonav Take your pick. 
I don't have a child so I can't ;-;
Friendly gud boi back at it again
[Image: 405180796212ef935d9fc31821622d45.gif]
Official King Of Yogi
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@Bubsy/Trick 11/10 best son even if he is a minge (Bubsy is mine Etlenor fight me >:(
"What the fuck do we have in this world except for moments with each other?"
[Image: molly.gif]
(Guy and Zubey call me Areola)
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@Bubsy/Trick best son ❤️ (@Octavia Sangoose-Curze  >;c, Bubby is mine)

@Raven~ best "mommy" ❤️
[Image: 76561198152859708.png][Image: AddFriend.png]
[Image: Thonas_6.png?width=684&height=513]
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Every single Dragon in my family ❤️
Rawr! ~Dragons

[Image: 3c9a10d48f107d695bf282f483940b5d.gif]

I am part of The Rogue Squadron and the head of The Dragon Family. You can also check out my Custom Jobs if you are intrestead to getting whitelisted. If you wish to contact me feel free to msg me on the Forums or you can also go to my Steam
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@Marie Delacroix-Crowlett as 'Elodie Fudge'. 
@Dob Dob as 'Dobbius Fudge'
[Image: QJ9FcWi.jpg]

They remain an ineradicable sign of civility in the midst of those ...

[Image: aPVIIUb.jpg]

FILTHY BEASTS, they made me spell soliciting incorrectly!
[Image: pef0wpW.jpg]
[Image: mA3t8Lx.png]
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I have no kids
Redgie Sinistra Notoes
CPTS 4859 Hooman of the Engineers
PO3 Redgie Of The Security Force
Property Of @Neon Trotsky
Property Of @Bryson
Property Of @¤ZomTM¤
Property Of @Damian Dusk
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