Ariel - rude , unhelpful , aggressive -

Ive never been on here before as Ive never felt the need , however today Ariel really upset me. 

This is my story

  Today i logged onto Hogwarts Rp like any other day , nothing was different . Id heard a lot about VIP positions so i messaged Ariel to ask regarding the VIP route. I was met with aggression and rudeness, to set the stage i will have to dial the clock back. 

  Half an hour earlier, the server was anarchy , 'when the admins are away the cats will play' they always say ....... Well today i found out that was a reality. Students were killing prefects and prefects waving damage spells around like a fan. They didn't care who they hit, just as long as they could keep the student revolt back for a little longer. I was afraid , i was unsure and i was nervous. All i wanted was to get back to my dorm alive. I ran from Class 2 into the courtyard , i suffered a blow in the back from an unnamed assailant. I thought i wouldn't make i. I cowered as i watched students combating the prefects in the corridors. The prefects were crumbling under the numbers the students had over them. As i frantically looked around for an exit , i knew my chances were slim. Suddenly as a chorus of students rally and defeat two prefects .......for a brief moment opening appeared. Without looking back i ran ....I  didn't look back . I ran and ran until i couldn't anymore. I was firing in all directions , hoping and praying i could make it to my dorm entrance. I slayed a couple of people i couldn't tell who, i was just interested in returning to my dorm. It was a blur , such senseless violence and over what. As the haze in my mind cleared i looked up and saw a face beaming down at me.

  She looked down on me and smiled. I was safe finally.

  As we hid behind the Ravenclaw doors , we questioned , How long will this war continue ? How many more senseless lives must be lost over such a senseless argument? What kind of irresponsible admin would allow this war to wager?

  Well soon my questions were answered 
As i managed a moment of calm 
I saw two words on my screen
"/Bring bummy "

  In front of me a dominating presence , She called herself Ariel. I greeted her politely.
"why do you think its ok to kill prefects " She barked at me down the microphone.
"i dont know what you mean " i responded 
" You do , You know exactly what your doing , im going to ban you " 
" i was in a warzone Ariel surely you cant single me out..,.. I only messaged you because i wanted to know about VIP" i cried
"your wasting my time peasant , you have no money , what use are you to me " 
I started to sob , i was confused upset and overwhelmed by the aggression
"Im going to ban you , and if you dont like you can go to the forums" She again barked like a drunk truck driver
"But you have to warn me first " i sobbed 
" No .........No not for you" She scornfully spat , "Not for your kind"

  I was banned , my hogwarts life ripped away from me in seconds. Everything i had worked towards gone in a flash .I only had one thought.

  I miss 5 minutes ago when none of this had happened

  The moral of this story , im not sure there is one. However the life advice i can give you , is no matter how much you work , no matter how much you try to be the good guy. At the end of the day , there is always someone who can end your success in seconds . Why you ask ? because they can and no other reason .

The End 

Thank you for reading my story , If you have enjoyed this a full length novel will be coming out in Feburary 2020 , and i am currently in talks for this to be adapted into a Trilogy of Films with several studios. 

Kind Regards 
Bummy Jerkins ( victim of admin)

Do you feel the love , I feel the Love! come one  come on! lets start it up! Let it pour out of your soul! voldetongue

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Enjoy the story.
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This story is not fiction , it is my hope that people will read this and understand my side of the story. Ariel needs to answer for this behavior.

Thank you again

Bummy Jerkins aka General Ayy Nuss

....  LUL
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This is a great story, can't wait to see the next film!

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Ariel people are going to see the movies , its going to change the world. There going to finally see what you did to me was wrong.

Kind regards 
Bummy Jerkins (victim of admin)

Can't wait to see the plot twist at the end where you were the leader of the anarchy all along, and then a flashback to the cause of the anarchy, where you vowed to kill a single person.
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Well if that was true Jimin i think we would know that his actions were just , because i heard you have a habit of tying people up then telling them " your a tasty little snack , and im gonna eat you all up ". If that is true i would say Jimin is the real og villain of the story. However nothing will beat Ariel who was drunk and burping down the mic at me as she shouted her head off.

Kind Regards 
Bummy Jerkins

Don't see what's wrong with saying that, can I not be a cannibal? Your the villain for not being accepting of that, you little kost dude
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Good story I'd buy it but you gotta give Ariel a evil side kick it be 10 times better

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