If corgi is SM, he needs server access

+1 he has earn his keep, it will help clone wars at least not die out anytime soon

I’m going to just say this for everyone single other player on Clone Wars.. We ALL trust Corgi and this suggestion is more wanted and needed than anything you could imagine. This is exactly what everyone wants. The support is clearly here.. Every battalion, staff, and player will agree on this. +1
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Now, I can't Speak for Guy but...

Just so everyone's aware, though it's nice to see community feedback for things, the reasons as to why Guy has denied access to server files in the past don't change based on a forum post or whether the community wants someone to have it. Now, I personally lean in the direction of wanting to delegate tasks and desire to try and make the whole SBS system function as smoothly as possible and so does Guy! But there are alot of factors at play that he's going to have to think about. I wouldn't expect a response from him here. Corgie should message him and talk about it directly.

Also, at least one of you I saw mention that Guy and I allowed Sterling to have access to the Halo RP server files as General Manager. This was a VERY unique situation and shouldn't be compared. He has been working on website things for years and earned trust in that way among many other things. Also, he is going to school for programming as well and has great knowledge. On top of that I personally showed him many nuances of Server functionality/Our unique files over the course of time and quite a few of those things that require someone to teach you AND require some knowledge you need beforehand. That on top of my strict system of sterling reporting everything to me and me knowing I agree with almost all of his decisions and we are on the same page ect ect.

Basically Multiple layers of different things involved. Corgie Is a longtime player and leader and server manager now for a year and that is something to be considered but just don't EXPECT it to happen because of putting votes here.

That being said I personally +1 this IN THEORY. But I doubt it will end up happening for multiple reasons. I wouldn't get your hopes up.

I understand being strict for HWRP but CW should be easy for him to manage

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+1 Corgi is a very responsible person and honestly I don't see any problem with him getting server access.

This would make life so much easier. I feel like CWRP is put on the back burner most of the time. With Corgi getting file access we wouldn't have to bother Guy with small things that Corgi could easily handle. Corgi has put his soul into this server he deserves this it would make everyone's life easier, and would make the player base happier with faster updates/fixes.
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Suggestion Accepted...

..Kind of.
As of yesterday, myself and Guy used one of the free server cores we had to set up a "Dev Server" for CWRP that has all the files I would need to edit on it(This excludes any custom SBS content such as the custom map and PVP system). I have full access and control over this Dev Server, and all Guy would have to do if I change anything on it is to simply drag and drop files back on to the main server. This will still drastically decrease the amount of time needed to be spent by Guy on updates, allowing more regular changes to be done, without the risk of any custom content breaking or being leaked. 

Due to this , expect some changes to come soon regarding the re-balancing of a few items and some other small things as time goes on. 

Thread Locked.
P.S: Thank you all for the support, I guess. 
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