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(01-13-2020, 05:31 PM)Garrus Vakarian Wrote: Hard negative 1

So I read over it, and it's just... Lua. Which mean for each achievement is 1 lua file.

And there's a max limit to lua.

And for quick responses about why we don't want to hit that cap:
We want future possibility for newer spells as each spell is 1 LUA file.
Sweps are the same, any new swep is 1 LUA file.

Fair enough and ty for looking into that mr big brain... is there a way I can move to lock my own suggestion..?
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I like this idea as it give's people that have nothing left to do achieve something else to work towards, however as a few others have said it could be an issue with storing everyones data, but as Luke said removing this progress after being inactive for a specific amount of time like the spells system could help with that. I don't really see this happening, but it is a good idea.

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