What games are you guys currently obsessed with or playing casually right now? I want to know about it. ESPECIALLY horror(Any good horror movie recommendations accepted too)
(Aside from Garrys mod obviously)

Currently, I am addicted to Planet Zoo and those damned campaigns. I'm only 6? campaigns away from finishing the story though. It's pretty much a blast from the past from Zoo Tycoon, except better. Some of the people who worked on Zoo Tycoon also worked on this game as well. It's more complicated, but it's crazy how there's not many limits and the customization is very similar to the sims. My only complaint is the guests can't get eaten, because I tried for thirty minutes. I'd suggest giving it a try. Possibly when the price goes down if you're not big into management games. A bit of advice, play the first two or three career modes as they're tutorials. You'll need them.

Once my Planet Zoo bug is gone, I might get serious about Kingdom Come: Deliverance or maybe finishing Jurassic World Evolution Campaign (Dino zoo management game). At least in that game you can release dinos and cause major havoc. We'll see. 

What about you guys? I'm always itching to know about more games. I'm sure you guys are too. 
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I'm addicted to overwatch rn!

Gotta go with GTA V Online and Death Stranding right now

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(01-13-2020, 08:48 AM)San Mercy Wrote: I'm addicted to overwatch rn!

Great Team Fortress 2 ripoff. should've given some kudos to the OG
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(01-14-2020, 10:46 AM)12 year old Wrote:
(01-13-2020, 08:48 AM)San Mercy Wrote: I'm addicted to overwatch rn!

Great Team Fortress 2 ripoff. should've given some kudos to the OG
TF2 sucks ass brother

Rocket League and Crush Crush
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Playing Prey again

Mostly GTA and Clicker Heroes though
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Gmod Ofc 
Any Bioshock game, i absolutely adore them
Borderlands 1&2 Not 3 cuz i dont have it
Slime rancher
And any horror games really 

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If horror is your bucket try Call of Cthulhu
If you're into grindy games as well as MMO's I've been playing Old School RuneScape since they made a free to play option (stats in signature) 
There's always a game that most people have Skyrim

P.S. osrs can be played at the same time as gmod
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I am addicted rn to Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Seige and Tower Unite.
For horror games i enjoy Dead by Daylight.
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