Ban Appeal

-1 same as others wait a bit to appeal again
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My man said he is kinda retarded.As a fellow retard i understand you man but i cannot go balls to the wall with +1.You kinda were provoking that ban by saying(if that is true) "i don't even play here".

+1 for a chance to play again(reduction)
-1 for unban
"Don't worry about it"
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As @Barry Blackwater said you have absolutely no intention of following the rules or attempting to RP, and you have made that very clear. I must also add that the girl he mentioned he was harassing, was me. I had to get prefects such as Barry, Gwendolyn and many more to try and use as a buffer since you hadn't left me alone since the moment you saw me. I have no issue when people joke around, but when it makes the game unplayable for others, that's where I draw the line. As for your behaviour, I am very disgusted in hearing about how you conducted yourself. With someone who openly admits that she has ADHD, ASD, anxiety, depression, and many more mental illnesses, you should NEVER use it as an excuse for the way you have acted. Overall this appeal seems both half-assed and unapologetic. For the way you have conducted yourself both when you first joined to when you were banned, I am going to have to give you a -1 for this one.
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-1 to this ban appeal , you and your friends were bullying someone to the point where she had to log off for the night , doing things like posting a link of one of her pictures and copy and pasting her twitch bio and pasting it , doing both in OOC chat going out of your way to be a bully , this appeal doesn't seem genuine in all honesty.

- Mals

You can’t kidnap anyone from a classroom to begin with. I don’t understand how you thought that was a good idea. That situation sounds like you don’t intend to roleplay on the server. 

-1 from me 

Fill free to make your next ban appeal better though. 
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ravenclawPride Appeal Denied ravenclawPride
Thank you for appealing but I will be denying it at this moment,
it started off as me going to give you a warning after snatching inside a classroom, then you went on to blindfold and gag me and then attempt to run away.
When I then asked for help you used unacceptable language and were quite disrespectful during the whole sit, and weren't apologetic at all.
You were showing that you had no intent to roleplay on the server.
If you really would like to play on the server I suggest taking awhile to appeal again and take some time to think over it.

But me saying that do feel free to apply again in a week

Requesting Thread Lock
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