Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA)

(1.) What is your SteamID? - 

(1a) What is your most recent ingame name? -
 Gwendolyn Rose

(1b) What is your current year level in-game? (MUST be 7th to apply.) - 
Year 4 Prestige 4

(2.) What Timezone do you live in? - 
Eastern Standard Time (EST)

(2a) Please put what times you are most active in CST (Chicago US), so the managers know when they can expect to see you. - 
11pm - 6am EST (Sometimes I log in earlier or stay on later)
(3.) How old are you?

(4.) When did you first join our server and how did you discover it? -
 I joined around the very beginning of December (3rd - 5th) - I play playing Prop Hunt with a friend, new to Gmod online. Saw Harry Potter RP in the listings. Wanted to try it out. 

(4a) How can we be sure you will stay active and loyal (with your time) to Star by Star? -
 I've been playing as almost purely Prefect ever since I hit year 5. I try to play the job very maturely and very fairly giving lots of warnings and avoiding arrests if possible. I would play Mod the same exact way. Lenient but fair. Strict when needed to be (Hatespeech and RDM/RDA). As far as activity I generally play several hours a day on here. If I had to take a LoA I would inform staff/higher ups of such a thing. (Say something comes up IRL) 

(4b) Do you understand you can be let go at ANY time for inactivity? - 
Yes of course, If I for some reason were to become inactive and didn't have a valid LoA or just simply had to be inactive for a long period of time. Or if some reason never informed someone of a leave I would very much deserve to be let go from any staff roles,

(5.) Do you understand and agree to not only comply with, but also enforce the rules of the Server when necessary? - 
Yes, I do this already as a prefect. Only occasional friendly freespells (Prestige spells like Tarantallegra, Incendio, Confetti Charm) and maybe an occasional Everte but never anything to point of actually intentionally offending anyone or being a nuisance.

(5a) When listing the rules please explain what they mean to show that you understand them.
 List Rules below:
 1: No Fail RP - No Fail RP would be things such as a Prefect mic spamming, freespelling, or just breaking rules. Or a teacher attempting to kill a student or discriminate against a student because of any reason. Also calling a Snatcher a Snatcher when not yet revealed. Generally doing any action which that character/job would normally not do. 
 2: Disrespectful, hateful, and offensive behavior/speech toward others is not allowed - Basically don't be disrespectful toward other players. Like calling them offensive or hateful names (Such as nono words) nor should you be rude and hateful toward people in general Ex: Hey you piece of garbage Hufflepuff. You can go kill yourself. That would be HIGHLY disrespectful. Offensive behavior could be attacking someone over and over or doing motions which appear to be offensive or rude in nature.
 3: No Random Deathmatch (RDM) - Basically don't walk up to someone who is not KOS and just randomly kill them because you want to. Examples would be: Killing a snatcher who is not revealed because they are a snatcher. That is RDM and fail RP. Or walking up to a student in the courtyard and casting Mostro on them. Also same for other jobs such as if Fluffy went around killing students or the statue job started murdering students.
 4: Obey Staff & RP Leaders - Basically follow the chain of command for RP leaders (Students < Prefects < Head Boy/Girl < Teacher < Head Master) or (Snatcher < Head Snatcher < Death Eater < Elite Death Eater < Voldemort) as well as obey the staff when they tell you to do something. EX: Change a fail name, stop doing a action they've asked you to stop doing.
 5: No Massive Free Spelling - Basically don't be running around constantly casting spells like Stupefy or Aquamenti, Everte, etc over and over on people to the point you become super annoying and are a problem. Especially once asked to stop doing it. Damage spells should not be spammed either even if not hitting a player, but if it is hitting a player it's instantly bad!
 6: No Metagaming - This would be like to sit on a discord call with your friend and say Hey! Come quick to Class 4 I am being snatched! Or even to reply to something like that through in game PM/OOC as that is not something your character would know is happening as they did not witness it. 
 7: No Mic/Chat Spam - Don't start spamming the chat with the same thing over and over and over again nor constantly hold down your mic and blast music or scream into it yell into it or anything which involves you constantly putting noise into your mic which is not in a respectable sentence/lecture for a classroom or response to someone. 
 8: Advert is for significant Roleplay purposes only - Basically no fail adverting (Something that happens very often)  doing something like adverting: Hello! or Help! This prefect just arrested me! anything that is not related to RP in some form. (Asking for professor, 
 9: No ERP  - 
Don't do anything which looks like a sexual motion (Such as moving your waist in and out of someone face or sitting in between their legs) purposely. /me does something sexual is also ERP. As well as telling someone to do something sexual or constantly talking about something of a sexual nature. Like if you was to say hey girl nice titties! or something like that. 
 10: No Not Avoid the AFK SystemAvoiding the AFK system is doing something to keep your character moving to avoid being kicked from inactivity. Such as putting something on your keyboard to make you walk into a wall constantly. Or using some form of macro to make you move slightly every so often. 
(5b) Expain what the term "minge" means, when referring to a player on the server -

A "Minge" is basically someone who purposely runs around and attempts to cause trouble for other players. Such as hit and run stupefies or something along those lines. Causing a constant issue for those around you to the point you become annoying (Generally they think its fun) 

(6.) Tell us about yourself and why you want to be staff on SBS? (100 words or less) -

I play prefect and help enforce the rules as it is now. I just wish to be able to help a little more during times where there isn't much staff on and help keep the server a friendly place for everyone with no hatespeech and hopefully less fail RP
(7.) What do you feel you need to improve on the most? -

Sometimes I can loose my cool a little when a person becomes a REALLY big problem. Like when it's been blatant disrespect and harassing behavior toward someone I occasionally may call them out on it or say hey stop being a asshole. I always hold myself back from saying anything to serious or being horrible disrespectful but at the same time I let them know I don't like their behavior. I also don't know the rules to every single job yet. Just most of the more common ones. and a lot of the random jobs.
(8.) How would having you on staff benefit our server and what sets you apart from the rest of the applicants? - Honestly I don't think anything sets me apart from other applicants. I am sure they are amazing people who deserve it! What I can offer is being active in a time which seems to be lacking staff and respecting the rules of the server which I do as prefect but with ability to do a little more about issues I can't handle now.

(9.) Have you been staff/are currently on any other servers? If so, which ones? (List them if possible) - 

I have never been staff on any other server nor even spent much time on many other servers 
(10.) Have you ever been banned on any Garrys Mod/SBS servers? If yes, then please list when, how long, and the reason. - 

Only once, but it was removed instantly as it was an accidental ban and the mod came to me as soon as I logged in and apologized for it (was 1 day) I only even mention it because I don't wanna be considered lying if I said no. 
(11.) Are the Server staff or the players more important? Why? - 

Nither are more important. Because at the end of the day we're all equals. We're all just people enjoying a video game. Gamer guys, girls, etc. And holding a position of power does not make you any more or any less important than anyone else. 
(12) How would you rate your skills overall out of 10 (EX: Patience, response time, etc) - 

This is a really hard question as I generally don't have high opinions of myself lol.
 Following the rules of the server 9/10 (An occasional everte usually not to bad)
 Response Time 7/10 (Sometimes busy)
 Patience 7/10 (Generally very patient but when someone is annoying that can change)
 Short Tempered 3/10 (I generally never lose my temper unless if it's something really bad) 
 Honesty 9/10 (Everyone has to lie sometimes - but I try not to) 
(13.) If you do not know how to handle a situation in a mod-sit, what do you do? - 

If there is other staff online attempt to ask for assistance, if I am online by myself. Attempt to do what I can and then bring the subject up at a later date with someone who can maybe help
(14.) You understand and realize, that by applying for staff on the server also means, that you are sacrificing the complete freedom of being able to RP freely all the time without any interruptions, and are obligated to handle all server issues at hand no matter the situation? -

Yes, this is the only thing that has kinda held me back from applying until now. But it seems more common now to have more than 1 staff on at a time and I hope new applicants will help with that as 1 person can only do so much. 

(15.) Please make a list of all previous staff applications, a link to them, and the reason they were locked. If they were accepted, please give a short explanation of why you are no longer staff. (Disregard if this is your first application) -

Just wanna say a quick thank you to everyone who takes the time to read this. I appreciate any feedback positive or negative as even negative feedback could help me better myself. Thank you everyone in advance
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Been waiting a long time to see this application go up. You frequently post reports on the forums, your active, a great prefect and extremely nice.

Huge +1
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Hufflepuff Gang
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You're most notable problem is that you don't really use a mic, but you do seem to follow the rules.

While I wouldn't be against the idea of seeing you as staff, you don't necessarily stand out to me, and when you do, it's not the most positive of ways.

I'm overall neutral, mainly cause we don't interact in game, but all things i mentioned too lead me to say this. you're welcome to talk to me in game about issues.
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Several compendium rules crafted and written by me
Overview for fixed/future plans

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Troll Club: Submitted

Duelei: Submitted

Lore Student Project: WIP - Currently on hold
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Celebration Update: Planning stages

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I wanna give you a +1 so badly

But no mic is really an issue with being a staff member as it creates problems

That being said you're a fantastic addition to the server, you prefect and follow rules, you report on forums.
You don't do GHs or Prefect Meetings which I guess is my only criticism but this comes with having no mic.

Neutral to +1

Purely due to the mic

I really hope this is overlooked and you join the staff soon

Good luck with your app
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(01-14-2020, 06:59 AM)Garrus Vakarian Wrote: You're most notable problem is that you don't really use a mic, but you do seem to follow the rules.

While I wouldn't be against the idea of seeing you as staff, you don't necessarily stand out to me, and when you do, it's not the most positive of ways.

I'm overall neutral, mainly cause we don't interact in game, but all things i mentioned too lead me to say this. you're welcome to talk to me in game about issues.


I have seen you around in game, and have never seen you use your mic. Neutral, vote may change in the future
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+1 the server could use more/better staff
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“You’ve been around long enough to know the rules.”

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Well well, look what we got here!
When I observed you playing as a prefect, overtime I definitely felt you have a lot of potential to be staff but for whatever reason first thought you wouldn't be interested. Most of the time when I come on nowadays, it's prefect law and you're always on as well. Honestly can't remember the last time I haven't seen you on before I join each time. Almost always been there to stop players whether it be an unauthorized DF crossing boundaries, or an RDAer when there's no staff on, etc. Could definitely use more staff during that time. 
Part of me sadly agrees with those that say having no mic could be an issue. But then again, I did at times have a few "encounters" with staff that only typed to me which I personally didn't have a problem with.
Overall, really looking forward to see you get accepted as staff! 
Good luck!
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Yall seem to be too new to this server to realize we've had plenty of staff who didnt use mic. Acalia(spelling?) And sibyl. Many more as well and they did just fine. The mics not the issue. I dont care if you prefect or if you teach, because those dont prove anything out of roleplay wise. I care that you report often, and mention to people that they probably shouldnt be doing something in the game (if they're breaking a rule.) Which you do. I think you deserve a chance. Carry on the gwendole(y)n staff legacy. Good luck. +1

Edit: its prefect law too much anyways and you play during that time.
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Neutral not gonna lie you play prefect alot but you dont actually do anything, you will allow your "Friends" to break rules and wont arrest them for it so idk if you get staff will you be biased to your "Friends"? 

How can you assure us this wont happen?

 gryffindorPride gryffindorPride   Gryffindor President -  12/02/2020  gryffindorPride gryffindorPride

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I would say you are biased depends how people act towards you.Heard how you act towards people i play with and ive seen you act towards me..You follow the rules i can confirm that.

Neutral for now...

Suggest playing a bit more

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