Gwendolyn Rose - Mod Application (NA)

(01-14-2020, 06:46 PM)Cauliflower Mcguffins Wrote:
You're very bias when it comes to your friends, you let
them do a lot that you put other people in detention for.

This, and not only that, but a lot of times, I see you talking to other people in ooc in a disrespectful/toxic manner. I don't know if they're your friends or not, but it's not a behaviour staff members shouldn't have. -1

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People have some valid concerns here.
You are some what bias towards your friends, is that a bad thing? Personally no, because it is something that can be worked on.
As a mod you need to understand everyone gets the same treatment, not every staff member has this down, but most if not all admins do, for example Bathilda literally treats everyone the same and honestly is a good role model to look at, I'd suggest looking out for her and Kelly.

You seem to be offended extremely easily when anyone who you don't deem as a friend critiques you, but once again, this is something you can work on.
Try not to get your feelings hurt easily, people will test you as a mod.

Overall, Neutral because you do play in a zone that needs staff badly.

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I'm gonna have to agree with everyone who has expressed your tendency to be biased towards your friends. While I agree with Finkle that it can be worked on, I also don't think we need more of that kind of stuff running around in the staff team. I have also noticed that you have quite the temper when it comes to people criticizing you or giving you a hard time, and you cannot talk to players the way you talk to them as a prefect if you were to get mod.

Overall, you're obviously familiar with the rules and mostly do a good job as prefect. But I don't know that you're ready at this time for a moderator role. Try to be less biased and less temperamental, and I could see it in future.

Neutral to -1
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I've had the pleasure of playing as a prof while you prefect which I enjoyed. There are some comments here about bias but I've never seen that attitude towards anyone. You report allot and are very helpful with perfecting. When I solo staff I'm very happy when you prefect as I see you do Ur job and attend classes (not afk like many others) 
You also play in a time zone that struggles with disciplinary staff.  You also have a similar name as a great ex admin which helps

After what I've seen I feel you deserve a shot as trail


Good luck on ur app
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My day has been made seeing you finally chose to apply. 
I have never met someone as passionate about the rules as Gwendolyn. 
She has come to me multiple times for clarification if she’s ever confused and all I see from her is perfecting and reporting. 
As for the mic issue, there are and have been several amazing staff members that never use a mic. I for one never use mine at nights because I am unable to and it does not cause me any problems. 
You’re active and you would be an AMAZING staff member with the proper training. 
The easiest +1 I have ever given. 
Good luck Gwendolyn. 
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To be honest, I expected an app from you. You're very active (in the server and in the forums) and I always see you prefecting.  I don't know you too well but I think you're fit for the job.


Good luck with your app!
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Gwen regularly is seen around the server as a prefect. She enforces the rules and is unbiased in my opinion. She gives many chances to individuals to correct their actions and follows through with her punishments. The timezone Gwen plays on needs more staff to patrol the server, where it gets a little wild once staff sign off.

The only critique I can give about Gwen is that I have never seen her use a mic, which would be critical for a moderator.

+1 for mod.

Good luck :)

neutral, I see you here and there but never get an imprint of what kinda person you are. It may be because I can tell you're prestige grinding and normally I see you in classes. Maybe try snatcher to still be able to grind classes as well as get some more rp with people, especially us DF people.

However I'll try and keep my eye out for you
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Congratulations! you have been accepted as trial moderator! please contact me as soon as possible regarding your new position.

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