The Hanaka Saga: Complete Collection

The Hanaka Saga is a collection of short stories and vignettes detailing the story of Rael Hanaka, Numen, and a strange boy by the name of Nascent. These stories are meant to be read as the storyline progresses in game, and are compliments to it. It would be greatly appreciated if you read them and gave your own feedback. This thread is open to discussion, should you want it, over the stories; but I will mainly be using this as a means to put volumes of the Hanaka Saga in one place. This is because I honestly don't want to spam the roleplay section with them (lol).

If it's desired, I can put together a catalog of sorts to explain some of the custom lore involved in this. But, again, only if requested for, really. Otherwise I'd like for the stories to be read naturally. I encourage you all to read and give feedback, as well as spread these around wherever you can. I do put a decent amount of work into these, and although I don't really care for them being 'popular' or 'successful,' I do actually want them to have some significance. After all, they have a lot to do with my Hanaka storyline (which I'm still in progress of at the time of writing this).

My hope with these stories is to capture a unique cast of characters in a distinct setting that Star Wars rarely ever covers. Actions done in the storyline on the server can and will affect how these volumes progress. This also means that you can meet the characters in these stories, and if you actually RP well enough you can change their character development. I want this to be an almost 100% interactive series of stories, and so nothing is set in stone. Essentially- the players define how this story progresses via the decisions they make in the events/passive rp/etc that happens for this storyline. This also means that your character can appear in these stories as well, given that you interact with the story enough. But that's as far as I'll say on it. Without further ado-

The Story So Far:

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Yo this shit is lit.
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Volume III is now live!

PS- I'm in a hurry to get somewhere rn, so it hasn't been proofread yet. Will do that later. Sorry for any errors!
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