Catalina Howl-Grayson's Moderator Application AU

+1- She will be a good admin because of her skills she learnt whilst becoming friends with everyone in the server.

Don't get me wrong,I have seen you around but as Finkle stated,most of the time you speak with an air as if you were superior to people,I don't think you are suited for staff.I can only see that if you were to become staff,you would be extremely biased to your friends and an all around "mindless" mod.By saying mindless,I don't mean that you are stupid,no,I am saying that you ll never take in considaration the whole story,you won't look after what really happend,not to mention,I remember when you were playing as Hermione,being a pain in the as trying to "RP" while having your friends away from class and minge about,while there were other prefects trying to get you all in class,and you making an issue about it,now you might have changed but I am not 100% sure about that.Also something else,as Tonto stated and I quote "you will act as a mod with an iron fist" there is no better use of words describing you.Perhaps if you were to show that you are not a hardass mod and not being biased,I would come here to change it.But for now,it stands as it is.Again I have nothing personal with you,I am just being honnest.
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Both of us have started out journeys together

Unfortunately they split roads

There was conflict

But we're both out the other side

I've taken my sweet time to reply to this staff app as I want to see how you contrast what I did see of you

You were biased

You were short tempered

You don't take criticism the best (not that I'm one to talk)

I feel like some more time in the oven ain't gonna kill no one

Unfortunately I have to agree with Killean and Finkle

I do really think a GM is more your style seeing as you love to rp

I have no doubt you COULD be a good mod one day

But I don't think it's today

Both me and you have been trying wayyyyy too hard to get mod and it's bit us both in the back

Just chill out a lil bit

Hard to see any change as you've been playing less as of recently but I have faith

Make me proud kid


EDIT - Refering to my comment on your app is a really good way to "push yourself to be the best"
You should be lucky it might not be classed as advertising. Especially as I've seen you recently:
Burning yourself out being on wayyy to late
Being an ironfisted, rude prefect to people
Being unsociable to others that aren't your friends
Chatting shit behind peoples backs

Also the binds are just... eww
You made my YOWIE WOWIE binds look good (and those were terrible)

Please just go for gm, theres no reason why you should be going for mod. You even refer to yourself as an event planner.
The moment this hits 30 days you'll just make a gm app
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Likes to be biased towards her friends, gets involved in other peoples business where she has no place being, hates fun. Definitely should not even be a prefect let alone a mod.

The fucking binds dude, triggers the shit outta me when you do that crap. It's spam, and not at all funny. You could do better but idk, neg 1 from me, maybe neutral
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