Give Vice Presidents Tags!

I think that the people who but there best effort in, getting people to vote for them should get there 2 place tag so Odin the one eyed death gives this a +1675
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This wouldn't be cool for the Presidents that actually got 1st place, they got first place so they got the tag; be grateful you got VP. Stop begging for VP tags just for clout. 

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honestly, after reading the replies, the poster has made in this it seems more like a "Notice me" then a "Notice me for the work I did" harryannoyed
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I don't think there needs to be as many as eight exclusive tags from a once a year Hogwarts event. Especially for the way the event is set up, there are four houses, each with a winner, so at the most four tags?

I'm sorry if I sound mean because I'm sure the people who got vice president worked hard during the campaign, but I just think forum tags based on server events should be closely controlled and not just handed out lightly.

Edit: As for tags on the server, I don't see too much of an issue. Many people have various server tags, so I think it would be okay for vice presidents to have one.
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For the tags, you are in the right place for it, GMs and Admins cannot give out server tags. Only Michael and Guy can on the server (not sure if developers can or not). And Albert for the forums. I don’t see why they shouldn’t get one. During the original event, VPs didn’t get forum or in-game tags
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