Enforce Mindless Voting

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(2)Your suggestion: 
Forum Staff to start handing out warnings and removing posts that blindly +1 or just -1 without reason's, or comments that are nothing to do with the situation

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 
The forums are just being spammed by friends mindlessly voting in favor of or against without logical reason or if any reasons at all, for example

Small Album

You kind of get the point.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added:
You would have to do forum work, more reports would come in, and well maybe you would have to get more forum staff.
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If you want to "Enforce" this then you would have to enforce people who don't even know the person just going off what other people's votes as they are mindlessly voting and not even knowing the situation or the person.
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Neutral normally when I see votes like that I just assume they agree with others who have voted a similar way and I don't mind it honestly I kinda prefer it to saying "(insert vote) I agree with (insert person)"
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Gonna go Neutrual on this one. 
I'm on the same opinion as Octavia here, people usually +1/-1 like that when the evidence is just obvious or agree with someone else. Don't see that much of a problem, although the friend favoritism is something quite common in the forums and I can see why it could lead to some uncomfortable situations.

After a few minutes of thinking about it, I might have to change my vote to a +1. Although I think staff should just ignore the useless -1/+1 that have absolutely no value or argument. People on here also grind points to get stuff from the Forum Shop.
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Positives to this being enforced:
Allows ACTUAL community feedback
Removes mindless voting (Which would fall under point farming)
Ensures more integrity on the forum, which it lacks

The amount of whining, complaining, and arguing "But it's my vote" I can see it now.
Activity required to oversee all forums would need to increase, but this is mainly a HW thing.

+1 though, I see it as point farming

Hey guys, so I did not include the votes that said someone agrees or ones that say, evidence is clear. These are votes that alone gave no reasons to why they voted. There are more examples in the link
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Isn't it already a rule where they need reasons if they're voting on something???

+1 unless it's in pointless, where people can do any pointless post. In posts that isn't a vote for something(And it's not in pointless), it shouldn't be there. That's just my take on it.

OP: *posts about GM event*
Poster: +1 deserves a second chance.

This shouldn't be allowed as it has nothing to do with the topic itself (Staying on topic and such)

Edit. The example above was just touching up on his idea, which I think a lot of you are missing. Hes not asking for a word count. Hes asking for a valid reasoning for votes.

For instance a good vote could look like these
"+1 agree with the person above me"
"PersonA has a valid point +1"
Or a long detailed reason

A bad vote could look like this
"Lol -1"
"Why not? +1"
"Free my man BannesUser +1"

There is a huge difference between the two. Ryte just wants it to be enforced where votes make sense for the thread is all. Still +1 btw. While it is technically a thing, I see a decent amount of "silly votes" that get passed up.
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This is already a thing lmao. You gotta use the report button if you want something done about it cant expect forum staff to constantly look at every response on every post. I think this is just a point farm suggestion tbh
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Just because some people don't like typing paragraphs like
others doesn't mean their vote is mindless, it just means 
they don't like typing paragraphs with their vote. 
A better suggestion would be to stop votes that are purely
based on if someone used pretty colours or not.

Also as others have stated it's already a thing.
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Got me good, I needed that forum point
It's not like votes without reasons are accounted for anyways right
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