Balance Food Benefits with Health

1. Minecraft Name: ZealandiaMapping

2. What's the suggestion?: To balance out the benefits of consuming food with the current plugin involving health.

3. Why should your suggestion be accepted?: During the course of me playing on the server, I have noticed that while we have a different format of health, defense, and mana; We do not have a food system that can compensate our new health.

In Minecraft, we have food that we can consume to regain our health and hunger.
When our hunger bar is full, we regenerate health based on the food's saturation level.

However, if one is outside the lobby or on their island without full health and is hungry, once the food item is consumed to where the hunger bar is full, it drains very quickly because the food is still acting under Minecraft's Vanilla health system, so in reality, we are not healing fast enough to compensate for the new health system, and are forced to eat more food than necessary to recover our health.

In a standard game of Minecraft, players have 10 hearts which is the equivalent of 20 health.
However, on the server, our health has been greatly exaggerated.
My health is currently at 180...  According to Minecraft's Vanilla rules, I have the equivalent of 90 hearts.
Now, imagine eating cooked steaks (which give a saturation of 8 hunger) when you're at 100 health...  For me, I would have to eat 10 steaks to fully recover compared to 2 or at most 3 steaks.

If there is a way to boost the food's nutritional and healing factor to where it can be balanced to a fair level for players who are adventuring, then let's get to it and make things slightly easier on our food supply.

4. What are the possible negatives?: Players could possibly get diabetes or obese from overeating, but other than that, nothing really.
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+1 for obesity!
 On a real note, great suggestion, I have ran into this issue more then once, its a pain. +1
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+1 i dont like food

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This would be a huge help to me considering I have like 326 health on the server, its a pain to recover for so long just to take damage again.
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Makes a lot of sense to balance the food with the health system.

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