Make us spawn in the area we die in

1. Minecraft Name: Kementeri

2. What's the suggestion?: Make it so we respawn in the area we died in instead of respawning in main hub every time
3. Why should your suggestion be accepted?: Well it's really annoying to have to go back through all the areas you have to pass on the way to the area you've been in once you die plus it gives a lot of lag to reload the main hub every time you die and all of the areas you have to pass through on your way back
4. What are the possible negatives?: Not sure there are any, it's how it works on other servers
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I think this applies mostly in the mines and combat area. I'm not sure what plugin is being used, but having to unload an area and load back into lobby when you die (especially after coming out of a different loading zone such as Gold mine, Deep Caverns, or Spider den) causes a lot of lag on our end, and sometimes I'll have to stand still for a minute or so until everything is loaded back in. 

I don't think this will break the Deep caverns in terms of balance because unless you have some sort of unbreakable armor already you won't last more than a couple hits anyways

I also think this might improve overall server performance especially with a larger amount of people on if it doesn't have to send people back to lobby when they die. (Again I don't know how feasible this is in the first place)

I agree with what Joe has said, this would be very helpful and be a lot less annoying for everyone.

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I will add death spawns per world today

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