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What's the suggestion?
Not sure if I'm doing it wrong lol but I've noticed you can only buy one stack of something at a time then it takes you back to the section showing you everything that is for sale so for example you wanna buy a bunch of dirt to extend your island and after confirming the trade it takes you right back to the section showing you everything up for trade and then you have to click back onto it and repeat the process. It's just one of those small things that can get slightly annoying for some people. So my suggestion is to either add the option to add more stacks on to each trade, or stay in the trade menu for that specific item rather than taking people back to the main section. Just speeds things up a little.

Why should your suggestion be accepted?
It makes things slightly easier, and faster regarding trading.

What are the possible negatives?
I personally cannot see any negatives to this suggestion being implimented.
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+1 Jfc I need this I spent so much time spam buying dirt after I extended my island
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