Gamekeeper Wand Skin?

Sounds good and possible. Nothing negative to say here.

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Someone give him his crossbow back while we’re at it, he shouldn’t even be using magic as much lore wise. +1
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I would love for this to happen.
Huge +1
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I think this would definitely be possible and would be so cool!

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This would be pretty cool

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(03-10-2020, 07:23 PM)K/DA Akali Wrote: Lua data. Very possible and easy to do, but up to guy

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I'll +1 it anyway, sounds lit and we actually have an Umbrella prop.
No idea if that umbrella can be made into a wand but hey.

(03-25-2020, 07:18 AM)Johnny Tucan Wrote: +1 ... Hopefully it gets accepted before the 30 day mark cause I've been seeing lots of suggestions just fail cause of that.

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I love this idea so much. Not only does this add more lore to the server, it also makes underrated jobs like gamekeeper seem more unique. 
+1 ! Great suggestion!
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What a wonderful suggestion, it definitely brings out immersion towards Hagrid having used that as a wand in the 1st film!
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+1 Agreeing with others above. Hopefully it gets accepted before the 30 day mark cause I've been seeing lots of suggestions just fail cause of that.

Great idea. Also like the crossbow idea


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