Vauregard (sorry if spelt wrong) needs some changes

Quick Disclaimer: I'm really sorry if I offend everyone and I'm not looking to start shit just hoping to open a civil discussion on some changes that could be made for this map. Okay, so:

Every time we get put in this map multiple people say they don't like it. I've played as students and DF, both sucks. 
Being a student sucks because its hard to find your way around and there are so many empty useless buildings cluttering up the map. OOC is always full of people that are lost. Half the time the teachers cant find the class so we get no homework. People say "just go auror and learn your way around" , but it sucks for players that haven't unlocked any flying jobs, or low level students with no speedom or spongify to try and find their way around the map. Its nice to see students helping each other in OOC by saying "Ok I will freespell into the sky, look for it!" but it should not be necessary. I would understand putting up with all of this if this was a nice map, but its actually boring. I feel like the only reason Mods use it is because it seems the least laggy of all the *field trip* maps.

Onto dark forces, well there is no point playing dark forces in this map. The sewers are boring and they are like a maze. So often I bump into other DF in the sewer just saying "how the fuck do I get out of this place?!" . You cant leave the sewers as a death eater and honestly you can be snatcher and find a student to snatch, but good luck finding your way back to it. You wonder why you almost never see snatchers in this map? That's why.

Personally, I would love if the mods would stop using this map. They have put us in some way nicer ones before that are much better looking, have better layout, have a decent space for DF and actually fit better into the RP universe of Harry Potter. However, I understand this probably isnt possible and others probably enjoy the map, but can there please be some better layouts and signposting? Maybe the DF can control the small portion of the map that is connected to the main map by a bridge? Can there be signposts put up all over showing which direction the classes are in, like in the Hogwarts map? 

Sorry if this came off as rude, I know the staff work hard and stuff, I just wanted to give my feedback on this map.  slytherinPride

Positive things about this map:
The Aesthetic the map gives off, is actually the best part about it, a nice island side map with lots of medieval style buildings and structures with small alleyways and walkways to go by, it's actually probably the best part of the map.

So, you covered some of the bad, so let's address some of it.
You mentioned the class rooms, well to be frank, I haven't been around, but someone didn't put Astronomy and Herbology professors spawns by their classrooms, and it seems so stupid that that's the case and had to watch staff say 'this is where it is' rather than them spawning right there, like most of our other maps.
Another issue with classes is there's a lot to be desired, nowhere I've seen seems large enough to hold a larger student base and therefore makes classes unruley. I have no incentive to explore the classes as it seems lack luster, and confusing overall.
Many of the maps buildings don't do anything, they are there for decoration, meaning walking around trying to find land marks doesn't work, and the draw distance on the map is very tiny, if you are far enough you can shoot someone without your model being seen. 

Sewers, ugh. Doorways are almost impossible to get through, there are I believe 2 to 3 exits that people can go to, the ability to get in and out is almost impossible trying to sell sucks since the area to is too tiny. It's not just unfun to play, it's damn well near impossible. There's no outline for what rules are set for i, but I feel sewers need a better outline or just need to be entirely safe. Getting anyone through there was nightmarishly challenging and I think I have a recording of me trying to get Miro through it without a lot of success. 

If I could edit the map, what I would do is:
Make classes a bit easier to locate, mainly through pathways or signs.
Make sewer system doorways larger, and have a clearer 'base of operations' and shrink the amount of exists to a larger, single exit.
Give more options to leave the water and swim to safety, and perhaps a bit deeper water. 
Expand the admin room, it's dope, but tiny.

I feel with those changes, it might make the map a bit more bareable, but this isn't a map that sbs has made, and merely one you can find on the gmod workshop. 
If I understood the hammer tool and was good at it, I would work on some of these maps to make them a bit more HWRP friendly, but I have other projects to get to.

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