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In all seriousness, I think he is THE most intelligent person on the server and is definitely the most charismatic smart-ass I've ever seen. Looking over his app, I can say with pretty much 100% certainty that he will be a AMAZING staff manager. 

He's already brought SOS from the brink, who's to say that he can't whip us back into shape?

Hopefully this application doesn't stay open for 4 months like your high command app did :)
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We have decided to deny this Application. No-one has been given the position, but we will be delivering feedback to you and the other Applicant(s).

Some of the reasons are:

- No prior SBS Staffing on any platform within the community. (Major Point)  
- Incidents of negativity over-time towards the server.

However, some positives to note:

- Great display of initiative within the community.
- Strong role of leadership within their faction (SoS) 
- Strong standing within the Halo Community. 

Although we have denied your Application, you can still apply within 3 weeks of time. We do wish for you to work/acknowledge the negatives provided. Not having any Staffing experience within our community is a major point of worry. So it'd be best for you to apply for a Staff Position before you consider applying again to have experience of how the staff team works. We apologize for the delay in an answer. 

Thank you for your interest.
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