Jim B Moongoose Mod Application #1 (EU)

Hey Jim I love that you applied
I recently seen a change in attitude In you Recently
and you have been prefecting alot recently 
and teaching would like to see you do more Prefect Meetings
would love to see more Great halls
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Just like the other guy said I never thought you took the server seriously. Then again on the forum, you act seriously, so it's weird to judge you on being a good fit for staff. You are very fun to RP with and most people will agree with that, but the moments that you play I don't see a lot of your serious side. You are a very fun player to play with but I don't think that (now) you are fit to be a Moderator. Still good luck with your application mate. (I believe that when looking for a Moderator you should look at  the past of the person too and not just how the person acts after posting an application)  

My vote will most likely change in the future, but for now.
Yours Sincerely

Fredy Bubble
Take it easy mate.
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[quote pid='88848' dateline='1585069477']
I've never really been warned for disrupting classes apart from the one time I recieved a 20 minute ban back in January. However I do see how my actions could have ruined some people's experiences, which was never the intention and since back in Feburary I have not disrupted any classes nor do I plan on it. Hope to see you around the server and possibly change your mind.

EDIT: As my previous reply to perseus said, I'm fully aware that I have done some mingey things and I am changing that around and cleaning up my act. I could have easily removed those videos from youtube, however I didn't because I aim to be completely open with how I have been in the past and I'm sure after people see those videos they will be able see how my attitude has changed over time.

Thank you for your feeback, I will continue to work on my behaviour!


Absolutely not true. I've personally told you several times you're not supposed to do that semi-recently and I know mods/admins have told you too. If you were never really warned, you wouldn't have gotten even a short ban. You get arrested in your vids so you obviously knew you weren't supposed to be doing that. I've also seen you do this stuff even in the last week or so. Lying here reflects even more poorly on you.
In my opinion, you can't just go from constantly rule breaking to prefecting for a week and expect to get mod. If you really want mod (and I have no idea why you even would) you need to wait a while and actually prove yourself mature enough (there are already enough current mods that don't deserve it), not just prefect for a week.

Also there is a ton of RDMing in your vids which is obviously against server rules. Have no idea why you haven't been banned for that yet.

Jim, I've seen great things from you and have loved the recent change in attitude. We've spent a lot of time recently holding up prefect law and you've made a great Head Boy/Girl.

As for all the videos people have posted as evidence, I've seen other staff mess around like that. 

+1 from me. Good luck

-1 man you were inactive for a very long time bro and only seen you for the first time the other day on there, you pick and choose when to follow the rules and who to enforce them on but just play some more and follow the rules down to a T and wait to apply in a couple of months don't rush as soon as the time is up on this if not accepted and I'm sure you would get it bang on bloke be a good mod eventually p.s don't let it change you <3
Barry blackwater bb x Harrygasm
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(03-23-2020, 10:56 PM)Perseus Peverell Plouton Wrote: Just gonna leave this here https://streamable.com/grcr4

Video is just from a little over a week ago with you free spelling mostro, and everte on a Professor job. That's all I've seen from you. I haven't seen you since then, that's not a very good first impression.
Also it looks like you just came back from a break.
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Quote:I have a questionable past and have done some mingey things, but I plan on turning this around and have been. Hopefully you'll see those changes if you see me around anytime soon.

It's not like that video is old, it was last week.

-1 For me Chief but it can change Prefect more, host Greathalls , do prefect meetings, DONT BREAK RULES, and help newer people on the server out
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-1 leaning towards Neutral
So you're a nice person and you do obviously love to teach Muggles Studies with food and that. From the look of activity you've only just starting playing a lot because of your long break, i think you need to be active for a bit longer before getting accepted. I think i have seen you prefect a bit but you should do it more often and start doing Great Halls / Prefect Meetings. Also, the videos with you rule-breaking as a teacher is a bit concerning, idk when you did them but obviously everyone breaks rules in their past, we just need to see you don't still break them.


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Having some issues with my computer at the moment that will prevent me from playing for a bit.

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