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I've had the answer changed on me 3 times all by current/former staff members so I guess I have to ask the great forums. I'll keep staff member names anonymous since I'm not here to put anyone on blast.

I play the Witch of the Forest job exclusively and like to chill and use non-damaging spells specifically and within the school like anybody else. The rule set of this job is defined as a "Rogue", therefore I am considered a student and/or member of the school while unrevealed. Staff Member A tells me to stop because my job "cannot be arrested" and I shouldn't be freespelling as this job, alright, sure, I stop - not really interested in getting banned.

The next day I am arrested for free spelling by a Hero of Hogwarts. I call a staff member asking if they can unarrest me since I was RDA'd based on the information of Staff Member A. Staff Member B tells me that because I am a Rogue, I am considered a student when unrevealed and may be arrested for freespelling as if I was a natural student. This is what I originally thought made sense, so I go ok, I sit out my arrest, I go about my day.

Today I begin doing my usual shenanigans and I stupefy a student and Everte a couple others (one student even begging me to do it to him because he liked being launched) in front of the original Staff Member A. Staff Member A immediately freezes me and tells me to stop. I tell him/her exactly verbatim what I was told via Staff Member B. Staff Member A brushes it aside, essentially telling me that he/she doesn't care and that I would be kicked/banned if I do it again. At this point I am a bit frustrated and get into an extensive and respectful debate with Staff Member A. I emphasize absolutely every rule in the !rules relative the situation that I could personally find:
  • "Casting non-damaging spells towards someone isn't considered free spelling imminently. But if repeated actions occur while being asked to cease, then a staff member may be involved."
  • "If you do something considered dark, you are revealed. This includes dark apparition, snatching or assisting a snatcher, stupefying outside the school's outer walls, being within the Dark Forest or Quidditch Pitch, specific animagus forms, or casting an unforgivable curse."
  • "Rogues - These are a section of the Dark Forces that work undercover with a dark agenda against Hogwarts. Under normal circumstances, they appear as any other student, teacher, or official; but once revealed, they are treated as evil and must be eliminated."
I was only casting safe non-damaging spells, I was never asked to cease by any of the receivers of said spell or anyone else, and I never conducted any revealing actions. I could not find where it states that I may not be arrested, but I know for a fact my job can be sent to detention because I've been sent there 4 different times.

Staff Member A goes on this tangent accusing me of only free-spelling because I am "trolling" and "trying to reveal myself", basically trying to make me out to be the bad guy for something the entire school does CONSTANTLY. I rebuttal stating how could I be "trying" to reveal myself when the rules specifically state what reveals me. I did absolutely nothing revealing and absolutely nothing dark. Staff Member A then states that only students should be free spelling and that he/she doesn't understand why I don't just change my job if I want to "freespell". I state that the job specifically says that I am considered a student when unrevealed, would that not mean I am able to enjoy all the freedoms of a student not already restricted by code (EXP books, Spell Books)? At this point Staff Member A pulls the classic "I'm done arguing with you, I am right, you are wrong", which is totally fair, but then he/she claims I am now "FailRPing" by stupefying and exerte'ing students as an unrevealed rogue custom job... What? I have not taken virtually any action that would immediately break the convention of my RP job, which is to remain disguised, and as defined by the explicitly written rule. The rule book even goes as far as defining the exact location in which stupefying will reveal you - outside the school walls, so why would I not be able to do it in the school? So, I just assume he/she has nothing to combat me with so they are just throwing out random accusations to prove that their point holds weight over mine. Finally, I ask Staff Member A: "If I am jailed again for 'freespelling', can I officially call a staff member to release me since apparently my job 'cannot be arrested' ". They respond with "Yes, that is RDA".

All I really want to know is if there's something I'm missing in all of this? Am I wrong? Am I right? I am fully invested in following every and any rule since I thoroughly enjoy the server, but I would like to play without having this staff member or any other constantly breathing down my neck threatening me with kicks and bans when the information clearly isn't even uniform amongst their own ranks and the written rules do little to conclude the conflict. Again, this is the third time the answer has changed. Two of those times I've been threatened by Staff Member A. I thought the whole "You are a student when unrevealed and can be treated like one" made 100% perfect sense from Staff Member B. What do you guys think? Let me know what's up, thank you for reading and sorry for the essay!

Certain Rogues can be arrested however Witch of the Forest is unarrastable.

Witch can't go to classes and doesn't have a baton and doesn't clasify under any rules that would apply to a student.

As for everte, eh, without proof don't know

I'm not entirely sure on the rules regarding this job but its a Rogue. Death Eaters cannot be sent to detention (Unless its prefect law), and it sounds like this job is just a under cover death eater. If it goes by that, the job is unarrestable, and shouldn't be freespelling because of that. You can still be flushed though.
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Ok thanks guys

Yeah as they said Staff Member A was right (pretty rude but right anyway lol): you can't be arrested as witch of the forest. Anyway yeah, Rule 5 applies to EVERYONE so if you are freespelling, even non-damaging spells, you may be asked to stop by staff (you can't be arrested tho, as I said). Staff gets involved only if a student is mass-freespelling after being arrested again and again and if an unarrestable job does so. But it depends on the staff member that brings you. For example if I see you fucking around with some students and you stupefy or everte them just 2-3 times and THEY ARE OK WITH THAT, then I wouldn't bother you. But if you go around stupefying every single person you see, than yes, you're breaking rules.

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