Impedimenta Stopping Sound

So Impedimenta is doing what it's supposed to do too well. Every time I click on it in my spell list (right click) to check what year I learn it in, it mutes my audio. There's nothing I can do to get my audio back up except to restart my game. It then unsorts me. It's kind of annoying. I will be avoiding this spell in the mean-time but eventually I would like this to be fixed so I can learn it. Thanks!

Is it possible it's a keybinding issue? Maybe a custom console command button(I'm tired and my head hurts, i forgot the name of them...) you accidentally pressed and forgot existed? I'm scrapping the bottom of the barrel here, but it's worth asking. Though it's really weird it's happening only on this spell. Have you tried reinstalling? Or Verifying files? I don't know if those will help. I'm not too tech savvy.
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Maybe you have something keybinded to the same button as your spell? Should get your binds checked up!
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Couldn't be a bind if it's only happening with Impedimenta, you right click other spells and it doesn't happen?

It's a strange one but nothing out of the ordinary in GMOD.

You could try deleting the workshop/downloaded content

or you could try running a factory reset, not sure if this deletes cloud saves.

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Failing all of that, delete your game and re-install.

Failing that again, delete game again, then delete your config files.
The reinstall the game and don't allow steam to download cloud saves, this will reset everything.

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