Can I please get unbanned?

Sorry to hear that because of your autism it must be harder to deal with those kinds of situations. That, of course, is not fully your fault, but I do believe that those five days can help you understand that situation next time. I believe that the ban can only help you have a better experience next time you play the game. And at most people have said before, the lying part didn't help your appeal, but you already apologized for that. By your reactions on this thread, I believe that you honestly didn't realize the consequences and I don't want to sound rude, but that is most likely because of your autism. Because of that, I do advise the staff to reduce your ban. I hope you will realize the consequences of your deads, because next time you won't get that reduction from me.

+1 Reduction (3 days)
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Take it easy mate.
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After having some time to think about your appeal.

I am gonna

While I understand that you have a disorder. It doesn't give you a right to pin it on that. I think over the next couple of days it'll be good for you to read up on the rules while you are away to avoid any more conflicts that can result in you being banned again, thanks! 

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