Gotta love GMOD voice quality

So what happens when you use an Audio Technica AT2020 mic with a Scarlett Solo? (pop filter and shock mount too).


Also found a report on the forum where I was in the clip and I also had a recording, here is the comparison (warning ERP lol), you can hear in the video that my mic is much worse than everyone else in game.

Note: Turning down the mic makes it much clearer but then it cuts out unless you shout into it, can't disable mic boost or change the levels in GMOD, I know it uses an old voice codec (probably Speex), so a lot of people sound like ass, but plenty of people sound acceptable to me in-game and I assume most are using some USB headset, no cuts out's or massive amounts of distortion, I sound like I'm talking through a pillow.

ummmmmmm wtf is this lmao
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone's mic's. The game is very old and the voice tech is just severley diminished and dated.
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(03-26-2020, 06:48 AM)Ryte Lionheart Wrote: There is absolutely nothing wrong with anyone's mic's. The game is very old and the voice tech is just severley diminished and dated.

Yeah I'm very aware of that, I remember years ago when teamspeak used the same codec, everything is Opus now, GMOD isn't.

But it's not the codec, it's whatever GMOD is doing to my sound, the fact that I can't disable mic boost or change mic volume in game, my old crappy headset I used like 10 years ago sounded much better without any cut outs.

But I think I've figured out the problem now, GMOD has some sort of forced noise gate/voice activation going on in combination with push to talk, the reason this doesn't affect many people is because they're using a headset where the mic is close to their mouth, since I currently have my mic on my table, I have to raise the input level and it heavily peaks in game due to the mic boost but lowering it means I have to talk louder or the mic doesn't engage in game, may order a boom arm.

I've googled my mic and it turns out others have the same issue, cardiod mic's seem to be shit with this game unless close to your mouth.

Edit: Whatever update was done to this game since I last played it, can anyone else turn off mic boost or change their input levels because you used to be able to.

What I'd to know is does everyone encounter this problem?
Voice settings won't save, keep resetting.
Thanks Garry for shutting down facepunch forums...

GMOD is an old game, the voice isn't great but isn't shit either. You just have to deal with it really.

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Been playing GMOD since 2005, I know a thing or two about sound engineering and Source engine,  I wrote above why I think I'm experiencing worse quality on a expensive mic compared to a cheap one, because of the distance it is away from my mouth it creates larger dynamics in my speech which messes up because of the crappy noise gate implementation which seems to cut out all signal below -12db.

That's why I'm asking if anyone is able to succesfuly disable the mic boost in the voice settings because I want to turn up the input level on my mic without it distorting, mic boost amplifies the signal digitally and is only useful for people with cheap mics who's input is too low, it's awful on a properly levelled mic.

Also I'm pretty sure a server owner could change the voice codec years ago before the Steampipe update, there was a cvar for it.

If someone could open up their settings in GMOD and check for me, I'd really appreciate it thanks.
I'm having the same problem on CS 1.6 which uses the same sound engine, can't disable mic boost.

EDIT: Had a friend test it for me and his mic boost option kept resetting too but his voice transmit volume was saving whereas mine keeps resetting.

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