Ministry Task Forces

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I, the Incumbent Minister for Magic, on this day, 27th Mar 1995
have passed a Bill calling for the immediate formation of Auror Task Forces.

My Ministry shall begin immediate work to seek out and call upon Aurors willing to
lead or be apart of these Task Forces.
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~Cornelius O Fudge 

This thread shall exist to facilitate:
-Activation and Recruitment for the task forces listed.
-Discussion of the work of these task forces.

Those wishing to join, or lead any of the task forces listed may respond using the following format. 
Doing so MAY result in them receiving a discord invite.

As of now, no Auror Task Forces have leaders.
You can still express interest in joining them though, even if you'd rather not lead them.

In addition:
-Daily Prophet
-Department of Mysteries (anyone with Unspeakable whitelist)
are encouraged to contact the Minister as well :3

ATF-1 'The Minister's Black Gloves' or 'The Black Gloves' /// Leader: @Alaster Diomedes  [Image: cX9cy6a.png]

ATF-1 is a task force that reports directly to the Minister for Magic and is used in situations that require the strictest operational security. They are also responsible for the safety of the Minister for Magic and his or her immediate family. The task force consists of the Ministry's best and most loyal Aurors. 
Further information regarding ATF-1 is classified.

ATF-2 'The Sages'[Image: eqogBMo.png]
ATF-2 is concerned with the academic life of students at Hogwarts. Particularly what the teachers are teaching. Members of this group are well versed in their LORE or are good at re-writing-- sorry, **correcting history. Their job is to encourage (and even pay) teachers to teach historical events which glorify The Ministry of Magic, and generally manipulate and indoctrinate the students into becoming Aurors. They may encourage the formation of student clubs or even pay off students to 'sell' how good it is to be an Auror, and work at The Ministry. The disparaging of historical figures or political opponents of the current Ministry is something members of this ATF encourage amongst Hogwarts faculty. The fact that the History teacher is Umbridge fits quite neatly into this.

ATF-3 'The Exterminators' /// Leader: @Lydia   [Image: v6XtY1B.png]
ATF-3 is concerned with the Dark Forrest and the extermination of Wild Neutrals that pose a threat (e.g Erklings, Trolls, Giants, Spiders, Dementors and Werewolves that have attacked light forces). It encourages students to report such creatures that have caused them trouble, particularly on the night map where certain forest creatures are allowed to come up to the castle walls. It also educates students that some witches and wizards can turn into 'vermin' e.g Spiders, the witch of the forest. It encourages students to report this also (And such reports can be in /op, e.g 'HELP! Jessica Lowsmith just turned into a SPIDER!')

ATF-4 'Unicorn Express' /// Leader: @Yato Sensei  [Image: 5qQnrL8.png]
ATF-4 is comprised of Aurors who are responsible for reconnaissance and delivering messages. They also have the responsibility of encouraging the reporting of 'criminal acts' amongst the people of Hogwarts (E.g people using Dark Apparition or the unforgivable curses can be reported in owlpost or to Aurors directly). The Unicorn job is also to be cherished and protected by all members of this ATF. Unicorns are allied with the light forces, and work alongside them according to [SBS]'s rules. By working with Unicorns in Auror Operations (e.g riding them around) this ATF is making sure the rules stay this way. They can even deliver messages on behalf of students as a secondary responsibility, should they chose, but are encouraged to ask for some galleons in return should they choose to do this.

ATF-5 'Fire Spitters' /// Leader: @Marie Delacroix-Crowlett  [Image: vcQR9Y3.png]
ATF-5 cannot be joined by normal Aurors. Only Elite Aurors, OOTP and all Auror jobs which have firestorm. This ATF specializes in the use of incendiary spells, namely Firestorm, in combat. It is involved in those operations which require heavy firepower. Members of this ATF are expected to be adept at fighting dragons and rescue operations.

ATF-6 'Achilles' Heels' /// Leader: Captain @Eviscerate [Image: eDxgDPb.png]
ATF-6 is made up of Aurors which specialise in the use of Impedimenta, Stupefy and the Slug charm during Lockdowns (and combat generally), working alongside other Light Forces who can 'clean up' easier in light of their work (slowing down, hampering the opponent). They are also particularly concerned with making arrests, especially for 'wanted' dark forces which have been revealed. It is much easier to hit a target with stupefy and detain them with multiple people.
ATF-7 'Watchdogs' /// Leader: @Astra Quenkiller  [Image: OaSddeu.png]
ATF-7 handles internal security for the Ministry of Magic, working to stifle insurrection and discussion of coups. It is responsible for making sure Aurors are fulfilling their major role at Hogwarts: keeping students safe from snatchers. They compel Aurors not doing their job to do so, explaining what exactly that job is if necessary, or providing work for them to do. They may report inaction to their superiors (and, if they continue to refuse, inform them of Rule 4 and promise to report them for breaching it).

ATF-8 'Highest Bidders [Image: mYFrktH.png]
ATF-8 is principally concerned with the child-trafficking-ring deep in the forbidden forest. The Aurors in this task force pool money from students through fundraisers and are given funding from the Ministry to help with their mission, which they shall TELL Hogwarts is 'buying back as many students as possible from the dark forces'. Their formal mission is 'buying back people that go missing... unless they are non-essential to Ministry operations', like students, in which case members of this task force may let the students stay with the dark forces, where they will not be allowed to leave and will almost always die
ATF-9 'The Clairvoyants' [Image: kfqpPBy.png]
ATF-9 is particularly interested in the ghosts of Hogwarts. The task force works with or manipulates these ghosts into working for them. Namely, it is hoped this task force will manipulate the ghosts into reporting crime, namely uses of the unforgivable curses and kidnapping. Ghosts, being able to fly around and 'rat' on dark forces making an escape or doing something wrong is particularly helpful for Aurors. If Wizengamot Judges are present, members of this task force are encouraged to ask them to FORMALLY in owlpost say 'the testimony of [GHOST NAME, e.g The Grey Lady] against [CRIMINAL'S NAME, e.g Lucius Malfoy] is admissable/accepted/binding/valid'.

ATF-10 'Alchemists' /// Leader: Captain @"Polymorphic[Image: JZnrEWE.png]
ATF-10 is comprised of Aurors who excel in Potion-Making, particularly those who made unintended contributions to Potion-Making as a whole during their standardised Auror-Training. Additionally, those comprising this task force also serve as spiritual guides to the Ministry, and assist in 'potion enhanced interrogation' from time-to-time. Rumours concerning their members violently brandishing Latin Crosses during potion-enhanced interrogations are not to be discussed.

ATF-11 "Long Knives" AKA 'haha knife go stab' /// Leader: @Redgie   [Image: J81FpZ1.png]
Prerequisite: Salvio Hexia, Cronfringo

ATF-11 are Aurors who specialize in wielding blunt instruments and blades, usually knives and swords. They are very secretive, and all have Salvio Hexia and Confringo. They are also frequent users of the leaping+speed potions. All this works to make them painful to deal with. They delight in ganging up on lone dark forces, stupefying them, and then swooping in, to butcher or arrest. Usually butcher. Rumors about ATF-11's members silently eliminating Ministry dissidents are not to be discussed. 
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I am Enforcer Lydia Snow.

I am looking to be able to lead the task force labeled as "The Exterminators."

I believe I would make an adequate choice, in the sense that I believe that extermination not only focuses
on clearing the surface of utter garbage on legs, I feel action beneath what meets the eye needs to be taken to ensure
the safety of the students, by simply grabbing them by the roots.
While I know what I would do IF I were to receive the position as Leader,
here are some of my strong points as to convince you to allow me into this specific situation.
-Leadership qualities- self explanatory why this would help.
-Approachability- If patrols were to report back to me with bad news, I wouldn't typically shoot the messenger 
-Fairness- Another self explanatory trait.

I have the honor to be sir, the Ministry's most obedient servant.

Spoiler: spoiler
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Dearest Minister, ...
I'm Mentor Seleena Snootles
- I'm seeking to join ATF-4 "Unicorn Express".
- Over the ages, I've acquired the skill to observe and eavesdrop conversations, manipulate information or people and sabotage certain "points of interest". I want to help in the fight against the filth that are these so called "Dark Forces" and eradicate them completely off of the face of the earth.
I have the honor to be Sir, the Ministry's most obedient servant.
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Greetings and salutations Minister Fudge,

I am Marie Delacroix-Crowlett, an Elite Auror. After seeing your bill, I have a great interest in leading the ATF-5 known as "Fire Spitters". I feel as though it is my calling to lead this particular force as the only offensive spell I've cast in my career as an Elite Auror is Firestorm. Not only that, but I would like to help future OOTP members and Elite Aurors in mastering said spell. I know I may be young but as I've come to known my family history, being an Auror is in my blood. I have no issue with laying my life on the line in order to protect my school and my home as I've done for some time now.

I have the honor to be Sir, The Ministry's most humble, obedient, and loyal servant.

Marie Delacroix-Crowlett
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Greetings Minister,

I am Sean Ghandi and I would be a major asset in both participating in the Fire Spitters task force's mission and leading the Achilles heels task force. 

I am a firm believer in action expressing priorities, and that you should hate the sin- not the sinner. It is for these reason why I only target people whose acts reveal themselves to have made their decisions in life- the ones who have sacrificed their identity in a revealing way for the sake of attempting to kidnap and harming the innocents. These individuals, flawed as they are, do not deserve death imminently, as there is hope for them yet. An eye for an eye leaves the world blind. I myself have observed the actions of these so-called snatchers and have been shown mercy every time I am snatched- not because of my might, bribery, or due to their fear of consequence, but because the future depends on what we do in the present. Nobody can hurt me without my permission. Our words are our weapons, and anyone saying otherwise is walking through your mind with their dirty feet. Not everyone deserves death, and I strive to provide meaningful interactions as I flush individuals revealed of wrongdoing. The weak can never forgive, forgiveness is the attribute to the strong. And one day these individuals may experience freedom. Freedom. A beautiful word. Freedom. Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes. I believe these people are misled and capable of rehabilitation, but the first step in this case is the most important- the capture, and is why I am submitting myself for your approval into the Achilles heels task force. 

As for why I would be a prized asset into the Fire Spitters task force. Truth be told, there are those in this world who have fed into their flaws so much that they are barely recognizable as having any humanity as wizards and should be targeted by ATF-3 for extermination. These are the ones who deliver innocents to the graveyard only to be sold or killed within minutes. There is something very human missing in each of these individuals and I feel immense pity for them. It is for this reason I have devoted myself to putting them out of their misery as they detain innocent members of our faction with the rope still in hand. They will only be shown mercy if they drop the ropes of the individual. If not, they are far beyond saving- suicidal- and this combination of suicidal and snatcher can only exist to threaten, corrupt, and end the lives of true innocents- and potentially many more if they are not stopped. I am a very pragmatic man, believing that where there is love- there is life. And I will not lose faith in humanity due to a few dirty drops in the ocean. But on this same token, in the absence of love- specifically love of the innocent- there can only exist death. And let's be honest, there is an ocean of death surrounding Hogwarts. We choose to ignore it, but we need to eliminate the polluters. It is not only my duty, but my privilege to devote myself to the rescuing of individuals from the clutches of evil within this task force. In addition- evil dragons remain to be a persistent issue at Hogwarts. An ounce of practice is worth a thousand words. I have come face to face with these fire, ice, and prismatic dragons and have slain them. I devote my expertise in dragon eradication to the Ministry. 

My daily battle remains to be the fight to maintain peace. Peace is its own reward. 

I have the honor to be, Sir, The Ministry's most humble and obedient servant.
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Dearest Minister, ...
1) Open with your IGN
'I am Alejandro F LaAhad '

2) Express interest in joining/leading a task force, stating the name of the task force clearly
'I am seeking to join/lead the task force  in Regards to Potions and Herbology '

3) Explain why you want THIS task force in particular, and feel free to mention your experience as an Auror in any way you wish

I want to Join this Task Force because i feel I can serve Hogwarts in the best way possible and help the Ministry of Magic Combat this Great Evil of the man who is not to be named and I feel i can use my skill of Potions and Herbology  to try and make some sort of potionary to help combat the Dark Forces 

4) Close with 
I have the honor to be Sir, The Ministry's most humble and obedient servant

'Lmao no-one plays Aurors'
'Yeah no Allied Neutrals are where it's at #WhiteGloves!'
'Yeah Dark Forces OP, them Aurors don't stand a cha--'

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Would love to join this however I and I alone serve the school, it’s grounds, and the students & faculty that reside within. 

I hope to see the students who graduate the school to become Aurors make a fine addition to your task force Minister.
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Salutations Minister,

I go by Astra Cron-Queenkiller, and I am seeking to lead the force known as "Watchdogs".

Students are our pride and joy. We serve to protect them at all costs and I have sworn to keep the peace. As Overwatch for the house of Hufflepuff, I have kept many a student out of the evil clutches of He Who Shall Not be Named, and intend to continue doing so. Auror's are here to protect the students, and those not doing their job should be fired immediately! I devote my skills in persuasion and leadership to the Ministry.

May all students live in peace.

I have the honor to be, Sir, The Ministry's most humble and obedient servant.

Captain of ATF-7 "Watchdogs"

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Dearest Minister,

I am known as Angus Black, and i wish to join the ATF known as "WatchDogs".

The Reason I want to join the ATF known as "WatchDogs" is in regards to my family "The Black Family", my heightened ability to sneak around, and my knowledge of the area of Hogwarts and the dark forest. I also have many people in my family who have spent their lives infiltrating the dark forces and giving me info about them.
I have the honor to be Sir, The Ministry's most humble, obedient, and loyal servant.
PS. My discord is Chara Dremmur#9670.

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