Wizengamot Justice.

I'd like to hear from people that have this one whitelisted.
What can you do as WJ? Is it another Auror job?
Or you have cuffs, extra spell, what there? Does he have any use during lockdowns or it's just a ministry job with basic spells and... just a title?

I'm thinking of getting this one or Horcux Hunter donated and really can't decide which one would be a better match for me in this situation.

All feedback from both role players is appreciated :)

Thank You in advance!
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Get Horcrux Hunter
edit: Garbo smells like garbage
Edit; Viktorke is cute
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I’d go with Horcruc Hunter or Improper Use of Magic

edit: Sean u stink
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Thank You, you both, very much.

Ps. Sean smells beautifully like a lemon. I like lemon.
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If you want PVP get Horcrux Hunter or Warlock

If you want to be able to pick up home work and attend classes get Yogi or Heir of Ravenclaw. The Heir can apparate, prefect, and use firestorm but Yogi has a bunch of animagus forms.
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PVP jobs-

Warlock- has cineres duo, an op spell, a griffin Animagus (you can have someone sit on your back and you can fly them around)

Horcrux Hunter- Comes with deletrius, another op spell. Has a cane sword (looks like a cane but can be pulled out into a sword) and no animagi.

Dark Force Jobs-

DAR (Dark Animagus Rogue)- this one is very popular, has avada, a dragon and a deer Animagus, cuffs and slappers. It’s an undercover dark force, pretty cool job but downside is that people are always playing on it.

Witch of the Forest- this job has a spider Animagus which reveals you(you can’t use it in the school) and also has avada. The model is severely broken which is why I personally don’t recommend this one.Also has cuffs and the ability to snatch students.


Hufflepuff Overwatch- a cool job, good model, I recommend this one a lot if you like to play on the lighter side but also be active in the school. I can’t remember exactly what this one has, but it for sure has Both detention batons (red and green) and a badger Animagus. (Firestorm, white apparition are included in this job)

Wizengamot Justice- has a nice female model and many male models. Has a dog Animagus, nothing else. This job in my opinion is good for role play/events, but not much else.

Metamorphmagus- Has 1 male model, a wand, and tons of animagi. I definitely suggest this one if your looking for some animals to play as. I believe this one has firestorm and apparition? I’m not sure, I don’t have a whitelist to this one. Same with arrest batons, if someone could fill me in that would be great!

Improper use of magic- I can’t remember if this one has slappers, so don’t go by my word. This job also has a cat Animagus and firestorm. A good job for role play during events, and good for prefecting because it also includes arrest batons.

Heir of ravenclaw- this one is SUPER cool. It has ravenclaw apparition, which is blue. It has arrest batons and the ability to pick up homework. It also has firestorm, which makes it efficient for fighting. Only downside to this job is that it has 1 slot alone, meaning if someone else is playing you have to wait for them to get off.

ETC jobs- 

Daily prophet journalist- this one is fun if you are into role play. It comes with a camera and a dog Animagus, and allows you to make stories in /op in the format of a news headline. I would suggest this one if you are into role play.

Chopper- if this was early 2019 I would’ve put this job under pvp because it used to be VERY op. It’s a tiny dragon with claws, slappers and dragon magic, allowing you to fly and breath fire. Thought you cannot have anyone sit on its back, you can sit on other dragons. It’s faction is neutral, Id suggest this one if you like dragons and the ability to fly.

Yogi- a good job, it has many animagi along with slappers and a wand.   Comes with a dragon as well, that can breath fire. This job can go to class and pick up homework as well as heir of ravenclaw. I’d suggest this if you’d like to stay a student but with animagi abilities.
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(03-27-2020, 11:30 AM)Lydia Wrote: above

This is a great summation Lydia

To the OP- I would like to add that Wizengamot Justices are above Elite Aurors in the roleplay leader chain of command but below Kingsley. They are mostly another RP class. Much like Kingsley, their power is expressed by telling others to do things for them. Similar to how Teachers tell prefects to do their work rather than put kids in detention themselves, the Wizengamot Justice tells their Aurors and Elite Aurors to do their work and offers strategies on how to optimize what they are doing. You do not get cuffs, though- think of it this way. Would a Judge go out of his way to cuff someone? Does the chief of police do the arresting, or does his job demand he do the staffing, seek funding, and organize meetings? 

To answer the OP again, you do get firestorm, apparition, and a neat doggo animagus with this purchase, and there are three slots. Cuffs are a no-no. The horcrux hunter has one spot, and sometimes people can sit on that job all day.
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(03-27-2020, 11:30 AM)Lydia Wrote: Metamorphmagus- Has 1 male model, a wand, and tons of animagi. I definitely suggest this one if your looking for some animals to play as. I believe this one has firestorm and apparition? I’m not sure, I don’t have a whitelist to this one. Same with arrest batons, if someone could fill me in that would be great!
Meta doesn't have Firestorm, which makes me cry cuz I play him all the time. :(((((

I would honestly go for Heir of Ravenclaw, Yogi or Hocrux Hunter. They are all pretty fun and have some cool spells/animagi. The decision is up to you though!
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(03-27-2020, 11:30 AM)Lydia Wrote: above

Thank you so much Lydia for your share! I love the insights, that totally made me think and get something else than Wizengamot. I truly appreciate you!

Thank you to everyone who helped me here, and shared their feedback. It means a lot and it's very helpful :)

I appreciate all of you!
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