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So i have waited about 4-5 hours for my reward from a donation (for hogwartsRP) i am getting kinda worried about this, i put my steam id what i am donating for and everything should it usually take this long? I have donated before and it Took about 2 hours. Edit: it is an open whitelist job if that changes anything

Just be patient, sometimes it will take longer than a few hours. However, if its after 24 hours, then something is probably wrong and you should contact the owner

If you provided the correct information as you previously did with VIP. You should be good, do keep in note that if you don't receive your donation within 24 hours, just contact a HWRP staff member and they'll help you out. Unlike VIP Donations, I don't believe the server notifies you when you receive a whitelist.

So don't feel nervous or anything! Some things just take some time, whitelists are done manually I believe so just be patient!!
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Yeah dude just be patient. When I donated for my custom I made a mistake with my steam ID and put a space after it. I contacted Guy after waiting a day and he was really cool about it and got me squared away right there.

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