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If anyone is available to help me I would very much appreciate it! 

I keep trying to join the Hogwarts RP server, but it continues to 1" couldn't crc map rp_hogwarts_sbs_day.bsp disconnecting"
I have downloaded many addons through steam workshop for Hogwarts rp, but it still wont let me into the server.

Is there a folder for star by star gaming has for your Hogwarts rp sever to obtain the right addons?
Please help if possible.

Thank you,


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If you look at the Support Section there are multiple ways listed to possibly sort this out. I would start by deleting your gmod cache or your download list
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What suggestions? Please help I don't understand how to join the server. I have joined other role play servers on g mod.

Refer to these threads if you're unable to join the server, or have errors

As Perseus said, you can visit this thread for help:

That error occurs when you download an incomplete or corrupted map file. There's a step by step guide on how to fix it, but basically you just need to delete the one you have downloaded and redownload a new one. More info can be found in the spoiler for this specific error at the thread we've both linked.
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