The Darkness Floods In

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The Darkness Floods In

"All available units, this is Commander Ainz. We have recently discovered an Insurrectionist research facility. I want it gone! You are tasked to detonate an Ionic Nuke within the centre of the facility.
It is unknown what it is they are discovering down in those depths however I don't want any of it to see the light of day. Extract any data if possible but you are fully authorised to blow it instead. As long as they do not get the data I consider it a tactical success. It will be highly defended and upon your incursion, you will be met with countless reinforcements. Defend the bomb squad long enough to arm it. I will be sending some "disposable" troops from my installation to ensure its detonation... with their lives! *intense laughing* ahem. Where was I? Oh yes! I need to inform you that there has been a peculiar wildlife scan of the area. It revealed that *static* could be tied to *static* so be caref- *static*"


You are heading off base to assist with a test from Commander Ainz. He wants an Insurrectionist research lab destroyed. There will be intel on what they were doing however it is not vital to retrieve. Your main point of interest is the heart of the facility where you will plant a nuclear bomb. You will have to defend the area while it is arming then extract to Commander Ainz' frigate. You will be supplied with a Grizzly, a Rhino, 2 Warthogs with mounted chain guns 1 warthog carrier. The Airforce will be airborne with any vessel they deem helpful. The commander hs spared no expenses to ensure this place is dust by the end of the day. Their AA gun was taken offline by one of the Commanders scouts so ODSTs may drop. He has ordered that even the death of a private would be insulting, so in his words "DON'T FUCK IT UP!". Any questions?

Sum up
Going to a Innie research lab
Planting a nuke
Defending the nuke

Move out

Everyone on the hanger bay lining up respectively. 
It is at this point the person who gave debrief will say over comms "Final point I forgot to mention. Intel suggests that there are signs of life within the area, so be on the lookout.
Everyone boards and the pelican and SOS ship takes off

Change maps to [snow map]


Everyone is lining up and assigned to squads.


Squad 1 - Bomb setters
Tasked with arming the bomb
Squad 2 - Cleaners
Tasked with clearing out the facility of hostiles
Squad 3 - Fortress
Tasked with defending the facility once planting has begun
Squad 4 - Skies
Tasked with eliminating airborne hostiles and scouting reinforcements
Squad 5 - Heavy Duty
Tasked with defending the facility and later the extraction point

They will then be told to move out in their squads

Event Begins

Every entrance into the facility will be heavily fortified with guards, fortifications, and more.
Each would require 2 Spartans attempting to rip the doors off to get in
Once in the facility, they will work their way down until they get to the research labs
Upon their initial breach, over /comms someone will say in Innie comms that the UNSC is storming the building etc.
A scientist will appear over the PA system and say "Well good evening my misinformed acquaintances. Welcome to my research facility! Unfortunately, our entry fee is your puny lives!"
This will continue with the scientist confirming the progress of the teams of the mission.
E.g. You just brought in the bomb team "No what the devil is that? You
They then will discover they were experimenting with Flood
Flood will then breach their containment and the Innies in the facility will be killed
Once the squads wipe out the initial wave of flood, they will plant the bomb. This is when waves of innies will spawn trying to take back their facility and disarm the bomb.
There will be an alternative location where the Innie reinforcement are attempting to remote hack the nuke
A team will be tipped off this is happening and they will have to try and stop them.
It is at this time once all innie forces are killed and it looks clear that the dying scientist says over the PA system "See you... in... hell..."
Alarms go off in the facility as Flood pour out from every angle and begin to overwhelm the UNSC.
Then the nuke is primed and ready to go
The teams must work together to get everyone out of the facility.
Everyone must make their ways to the extraction point ASAP while Commander Ainz' Frigate jumps into the airspace.
Everyone will leave on pelicans being ordered that anything left behind is deemed disposable.

Return to base

Everyone will return to debrief to be handed out Commander Ainz' gratitude.

Once again a good showing from all units across the board. [any other notes by the gm]. The commander delivered a message for me to give all of you. "Good evening troops, it is I! Commander Ainz of the United Nations Space Command. My most sincere gratitude to every being who assisted me with my task. You completed it flawlessly! Now as a token of my appreciation, I declare some of you brave people may gain recognition for your actions. Continue the fight!"

Recommendations will then be sent  to respective officers

Then people will be promoted respectively

If no one is promoted

The person doing debrief will announce Commander Ainz was promoted for his leadership and skill to High Captain and will ask everyone to salute for him

Everyone is dismissed

End of Event

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition: 

I just thought this could be a nice event if given a bit of TLC from a gm to make it work.

Just an idea I had to give some of the gms a break.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added:

I guess it would be rather restricting, but it can be changed or altered to a gms tastes. This is just my template for it.

But any feedback on it would be appreciated if it isn't used so I can improve in the future :)
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I will probably try and do something like this. Thank you for the event suggestion, Jackie!

Event Suggestion Accepted.
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Event suggestion accepted by Jack/Josh.

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Thread Locked. 
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