Garry's Mod Ad Test [Server Connect Links]

Hello and welcome to Star by Star Gaming!

We apologize for the low-quality landing page, however, we're doing these ads as a quick test run. You will need to buy the game Garry's Mod on Steam to play on our game servers. You can buy that here:

If one of our servers are currently full, or empty, feel free to register on our website and or join our Discord so you that you can play at a better time. Our Clone Wars RP & Halo RP servers are more active between 5-10 PM CST and Galaxy of Magic is busy basically 24/7. Clone Wars RP and Halo RP both require 'training' to play and are very player/staff driven, so without many players during peak time, it might be hard to do much outside exploring the world (map) and looking at the base features you have available to you upon first joining. We'd love to have you here, if you have any questions, don't be shy and post them in our support forums or on our Discord. We hope you enjoy your stay and welcome to our community!

A brief about us:

【SBS】is a gaming community founded in late 2015. Since then, we've provided numerous successful game servers on Garry's Mod. Currently, we host the #1 Galaxy of Magic server and more, and have even recently expanded to Minecraft. Our Garry's Mod game servers cover a variety of roleplay universes and more, in hopes to build an expansive community with diverse interests. If any of our servers below interest you, don't miss out on the opportunity to come check them out. Join us by using the links provided below!

Please note, the server connect links will only work if you have Steam and Garry's Mod first installed. If not, you can return to this thread once you do, or retrieve our server IPs to connect manually at:

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