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When I sometimes attempt to go on HogwartsRP I keep getting this message on the loading page and was wondering how to bypass it or get the missing maps?

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I had to keep rejoining and eventually it worked.
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Refer to these 2 threads

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Thank you that helped. Going to save this page's post in case I come across this problem again


This is no error on your side but on the server's side. The map "rp_southside" was updated yesterday and we had yet to update it on our end. This was resolved however, so you should be able to join back at this time. The map should by now be switched to the regular Hogwarts RP map and joinable. 

I hope this clears up your concern. 

If you have any further questions regarding this topic, please feel free to comment down again below, if not, I'll go ahead and lock this thread. 

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