Smart Weld

(1) In-game name & Steam ID: CPFC 7017 Santos

(2)Your suggestion: Smart Weld

(3) What made you feel that this change was necessary or would make a great addition:
It makes it easier to build things without spamming the normal weld on every prop. It also makes it easier to duplicate anything.

(4) List what you think (if any) could be possible negatives if your suggestion were to be added: None

I know I don't build because I am not gamemaker, I made this because Johnson kept complaining about not having it.

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smart weld big good
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+1 saves time 

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+1 i build all my shit in sp anyway but smart weld good
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This would only really be needed if we had something like engineers, who regularly build on the server. All the gamemakers (should, at least) build in singleplayer with smart weld and whatever else they prefer to use while building.

The issue with smart weld and multiplayer is that it can be intensive when used wrong, and it's hard to tell when or how it's used wrong. It's caused crashes, major lag, etc. So all in all, in terms of advantage vs. disadvantage, it's hard to really say whether this is more advantageous than otherwise. I don't see officers needing this for building either, since their dupes are either made in singleplayer or are just plain courses that don't need welds. Welding like this is only really needed for things like vehicles, which are basically never made on-server.

I'm not gonna leave a vote, despite what all I've said. I don't personally care whether it gets added in or not. But I figured I may as well pitch in.
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I agree with what Lee said. Also, the smart weld tool isn't really necessary unless you wanna build moving vehicles, and welding in general is a bad idea anyhow when building as a gamemaker. Just use your adv duplicator area copy setting, and you can dupe anything without welding it together. This will lower the constraint amount, which will make your dupe lag less.

If anything, i think we should make the area copy limit higher, as it is currently only at 2500 on the server. Considering we cant load the map in singleplayer, it is harder to create a event dupe which is affecting the whole map :)

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Suggestion Denied -- I believe that this tool can be used in building on Singleplayer no issue, I do not really see a need for it in the server itself at the moment.
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