I used to be VIP on Hogwarts on the old map.

Hi, I used to be VIP and just returned. Everything is gone. I just wanted to talk about getting it back. I had purchased multipe different things. Thanks.

VIP is permanent, I can’t say the same about some customs because a couple are removed and such, but I’d say you should email the owner Guy.
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If you have proof of the donation with the PayPal you used to donate ( should be under notes I think) And it matches your current steam I'd, you should be able to get it back.
If you've got a new steam account with a new I'd, it would explain why you dont have vip anymore as it is permanent. In that case youd have to rebuy it.

I'd suggest checking your PayPal and sending the screen shot to guy for a confirmation. Without any evidence of donating, youre out of luck.

Good luck though. I hope you find it.

Edit. Oh yea if you mean customs chances are theyve been removed from owners lack of activity.
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If you had a custom its most likely gone by now.

If you had VIP, find proof of the transaction and give it to Guy.
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If you had any custom whitelists, do you remember which ones? Some have been removed for the lack of activity their owners.
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What was the old paypal email address? I"m talking over 2 years ago

(04-22-2020, 10:11 PM)ThriceTheThird Wrote: What was the old paypal email address? I"m talking over 2 years ago

I believe it was theguyontwitch@gmail.com
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Oof... this is a bit of a longshot man. A couple of years back I remember that my VIP tag went away for some unknown reason, I think it had to do with my resignation at the time? I had to go out of my way to look for my paypal receipt, and EVEN THEN, Guy was pretty reluctant to give it back because I'm sure plenty of people try to tell the same story.

Good luck chief.
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