[Guide] Potion Ingredient Locations - Hogwarts.

Hello all, just here to release a map with all the current known locations of potion ingredients from myself and @Rudolf Wolfinrentierkleidung , if any information is incorrect or we have missed any locations please let us know so we can update this guide/map. All the pieces here have been screenshotted/constructed together so it isn't perfect but it's still good since no map picture has been updated that encompasses the full thing.

(Reminder - These are the spawn locations, only one ingredient will spawn at the location per class period, so look around).

Hogwarts Map:
[Image: qAssub1.png]

Slytherin Common Rooms + Dungeon Hallway:
[Image: ujCKkxS.png]

[Image: ptdVUHw.png]

Girls Bathroom:
[Image: hou7buo.png]

Entry/Walkway from Great Hall/Class One:
[Image: 85lselL.png]

[Image: z7ja46B.png]

Thank you again.
@Rudolf Wolfinrentierkleidung and @Jenny Dead made this collaboration. PM//Forum message//Comment to show support/assistance!

+1 Great thread
3rd prestige and still didnt know about some of these   ronshocked
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Some of us have been in definite need for these. Thanks!
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Damm, great job with this mate. Prestige 5 and I don't really know the locations (don't like making them), this will definitely be helpful in the future.
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That's impressive. You're just missing the infirmary, where standard ingredient spawns too (: It would also be great if there was a command ingame to check this thread out like !ingredients

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(04-23-2020, 11:39 AM)◽ Etlenor ◾ Wrote: That's impressive. You're just missing the infirmary, where standard ingredient spawns too (: It would also be great if there was a command ingame to check this thread out like !ingredients

I'll make sure to update that when I get on tomorrow! It took a few hours to get all the map pieces together as they are now -- I guess i'll do the castle next!

There's a couple hippogriff feather spawn locations you missed. One is on the mountain adjacent from the side entrance to the outer courtyard (the toilet tower entrance aka the middle one of the 3 if you think of herbology, the one near the toilet tower, and the one near the RP bench). The other is in front of Hagrid's near the lake by some fallen tree/rotting logs. 

Also, there's a deathcap location as you walk into the forest, kind of to the right, looking from Hagrid's side.

One Bezoar location is missing, it's closer to the mountain side but still near Hagrid's- it approaches the dark forest and is up the hill a bit. 

There's a chizpurfle spawn location on the beach near the docks.

There's also a chizpurfle spawn location in the water under the bridge near herbology, kind of on the right (closer toward herb) and toward the edge of the map.

There's a runespoor fang in the slytherin bedrooms next to the bed first on your right as you walk in (in RP, I call that Scratcher's bed)

I believe all that's missing are some standard ingredient spawn locations (last stall on the right in bathrooms, the two in the infirmary - one on the immediate left, and the other on the far right behind the plant)

Additionally, I think one of the hippogriff feathers on your map might be erroneous. There's only one spawn near where the DAR spawns, none south of it except the ones in the QP tower. 

If you need any help from me for this, don't hesitate to contact!

Overall, I find this to be an incredibly useful map for new people even in its current state. Good job!

Edit: also the mandrake furthest on the right should be more Southern in respect to this map- the location on the map is not its actual location, and the runespoor fang in the commonroom area currently shown seems to be on top of where the wardrobe is, when it should be up the stairs in that dark corner.

Edit2: there MIGHT also be a leech on the rocks near the current locations. I don't really focus on that ingredient as you can buy it from the cabinet, but will probably check there more regularly to confirm.
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very cool

Updated! Thanks for the help!

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