massive fps drops on hogwarts

What's up, so I have a steady, good pc that can handle gmod easily but since today i have been getting insane fps drops, i went in task manager closed some tasks and still have been getting insane fps drops.. I get an fps drop, the screen freezes for a couple seconds and i get back to "Playing"

I have tried restarting my games multiple times but that didnt work either. My steam account got hacked yesterday but i immedeatly took action and changed my password from everything.. I installed an Antivirus (Malwarebytes) and i ran it a couple times, deleted all files that were "suspicious". I ran the software when i was playing gmod aswell and had 0 threats. 
I dedusted my whole pc, deleted all addons, reinstalled the same, all my drivers are up to date aswell.. So anyone that can PLEASE HELP ME

i am really in need of help to solve this problem and begin playing again..

maybe someone that could help me?

And yes, i am aware of the source code leak. 
i hope someone had something similar and maybe knows the fix's for this. 
love from
- xam
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Firstly, I recommend removing antiviruses, they usually take up uneccesary resources, and keeping your computer clean yourself isn't too difficult.

Secondly, it really sounds like you tried just about everything, at that point I'd try to play GMOD in an alt computer, do you have a side laptop or desktop? Gmod doesn't require a lot of resources, it'll run on a fucking calculator.

Finally, if you're REALLY that hellbent on playing GMOD on this computer, I'd say try resetting your pc (but only settings, there's an option to keep all files)

Hope you're able to find a solution.

If you have 2 different storage drivers, the best solution is to keep GMod installed in the (C:) driver. If not, try to unninstall some addons, and clear some cache. The game is rly old, and this is a big server, there isn't much to do tbh.

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